Evening Rituals

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It’s a very go, go, go life I lead as a single mother to 8 year old twins and as an entrepreneur. Often times, I feel overwhelmed; with a heavy energy or pressure around me - I feel the need to accomplish everything on my plate and to please those around me. It’s exhausting.


I recognize this about me and so I know that I must also make time for myself, spend time on me, spend some time re-charging. Bathing is one of my favorite ways to do this; but any old bath won’t do, I make the bath one of my rituals. Sounds super ‘woo-woo’ but it’s not; a ritual to me, is simply a practice or a consistent act that is designed to aid in bringing forth an intention that my soul is setting. The intention I always hold dear, is to live well. How beautiful does that sound? What is also beautiful is the focus that I am left with after I take these moments of ‘me-time’.


I begin with a clean tub, warm water and 20 minutes of solo time. However, it is super easy to elevate the benefits of the bath. A libation, a good read (I’m currently working through The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer) or a journal, candles, and delightful bath products are sure to add to the experience of this ritual.


Another reason I love bathing, is that it connects to me to nature, which sometimes is lacking, living such a busy life. But being naked in water feels as close to how we came into this world, as I imagine possible. The wonderful oils, salts, clays and butters that I add to the tub further connects me to nature. Some of my favorite bath products are: Cocoon Apothecary’s Kahuna Bubble Bath, Bathorium Crush Sea Kelp Serenity Soak or a Buck Naked Bath Bomb). The natural ingredients in these products additionally benefit me by soothing, brightening and detoxifying my skin, unwinding my mind and relaxing my muscles and tensions (maybe the wine helps too).     


The benefits of bathing extend beyond the tub though, as I alluded to. The calm that you experience (which may be in part to your libation of choice), is also a result of your body cooling slightly, after you exit the water. This lower body temperature helps you relax and even sleep better. I find with better sleep, the next day my mind is clearer and my productivity is elevated. Such a simple thing - the bath, yet so rich with benefits that will last you far beyond the short while that you are able to unwind in your tub.


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