Winter Packing Getaway | Tulum Edition

Did you know that not all Canadians love winter? In fact, winter is my least favorite season … all the bundling in layers of clothes so you don’t get frostbite, the sludging through shoe-ruining salt and slush, and dusk at 4 pm makes me long for warm breezes and sunshine … and so like many other warm weather loving Canadians, I planned myself a winter getaway….

I am actually headed to Tulum this week. I’ve been there before so I have a good idea of what I need, plus I traveled quite a bit when I was younger, so I feel like I have some packing tips to offer for those that are sneaking away.  There isn’t anything much worse than having to schlep overstuffed luggage around through busy airports ... so I pack light (relatively).


How I Pack Relatively Light

First and foremost, always keep comfort as your guiding principal… you will pack less. I always like to look cute but being able to walk is key. Travelling is about seeing places, getting to know the history and the people, eating new things (especially desserts)... not about if you are dressed for the latest cover of Conde Nast Traveller. And I find while I am on vacay I wear what is the most comfortable and not outfits that make me weigh having a second beer, er, I mean green juice ;)

A couple weeks before my trip, I actually plan out my outfits. I dont stick to the plan hard and fast while I am away - but it certainly streamlines what I even bring on the trip. I like bottoms that I can use multiple times. I also like to take dresses as I find that can work as beach cover ups, day outfits and with some jewelry and lipstick, they work for an evening out. Another #JenTip is to wear your bulkier items on the way to and from - chunkier shoes, sweatshirts, coats… all go on my body while flying … flip flops are for the luggage.

A Turkish towel is also a necessity. They roll up super duper teeny weeny, are super fast to dry, absorb beautifully, don’t retain sand (if you use as a beach towel), and can double up as a shawl / scarf. Yeah… all that. Sunday Dry Goods have all kinds of colours so you certainly can get one that matches your wardrobe (important if you are into that whole capsule thing).

In my hand bag (which is never my nicest one but my most practical and one I can stuff a lot into), I always have wipes. I love to use them when my face gets sweaty, if I need a refresh from flying overnight, or even if my hands feel grimy and I am nowhere near a sink. Kaia Naturals makes delightful bamboo wipes that are biodegradable so I don’t even feel guilty when I have to use them.

Of course, phone charger, headphones and universal converters are necessary (but if you are staying in a resort, email ahead to see if the converter is even needed! No need to overpack-ever!)  

Let’s not forget our green beauty. I actually think this is an important one to consider; many places we visit may not have the same filtration systems we are privileged to know so we as guests should be mindful of what we are leaving behind. I know I don’t want to leave any nasty chemicals for friends on the other side of the world. Personally, I love products that offer a multiplicity of uses. Graydon makes an adorable little travel pack… All over Soap (a wash I can use for face, hair and body), All over Face + Body (lotion you can use all over), Germs Away Mist (hand purifier, room purifier, yoga mat disinfectant)... you get the idea. With makeup, I travel with all my cream products.

My kit will contain a few RMS pots (lip2cheek), the Lunar shadow polish (I use mine as a luminizer as well), and the un-cover up, which is enough coverage for me - especially as I get my skin gets sun-kissed quickly. I find cream makeup can usually act as something it isn’t; a blush can be a lipstick, a concealer can do contour, etc….    

Last but not least, some comfort…. I actually always bring a Woodlot candle with me. They make my strange place feel cozy, smell great … and remind me of the comforts and loves I have to come home to. I also like bringing something to read like the Thoughtfully Magazine for the plane or while soaking up the sun. 

Hope this was helpful beauties, Happy packing !

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