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It’s been the summer of work! Yes, while most of you were planning weekends to the cottages and choosing your outfits for festival going, I was piecing together all the details of opening a second bricks and mortar! I do have to say, I am super happy with that choice though! However, at the end of each long day, I did take some ‘me-time’. I am going to share with you my 2016 summer faves that kept my days joyous and my skin looking lovely.



Fixturing can be a DIRTY job, and while I did  have a contractor doing all the hard labour, I was still majorly involved (obviously)! When I would get home covered in dust, wood shavings and smelling of stain, I would head straight to my tub…. With Fig + Yarrow’s Mustard Soak in tow. Mustard Soaks have been used traditionally as a sore muscle soak and an effective detoxifier for general health, well-being and relaxation. The blend of essential oils also proved effective at discouraging harmful pathogens (who knows what was lurking under the carpet I pulled up); the warming of the mustard opened my pores to facilitate perspiration (expel those dusty toxins baby), and lastly, the magnesium salt really did provide relief for my achey body (who knew installing a floor could be such hard work)!


My hands, nails and cuticles also really suffered as a result of doing hard labour. I had dry, brittle nails and skin that peeled …. They needed some serious help! So while I soaked in the tub, I massaged a little magic into my cuticle beds ... product of choice was Wildcraft’s All Purpose Salve. I adore this buttery gem as I find its applications so diverse; in a pinch I can use this as a facial moisturizer, and it’s also great for dry and cracking elbows, knees and feet. My preferred use though is for my hands. I find that the frankincense and rose help soothe any irritations - exactly what my hard working hands needed.


Certainly, my face wasn’t doing any hard work but there is always time for some pampering. Plus, I wanted to make sure my skin was properly cared for; I am sure my go go go lifestyle of those days took a toll! My newest skincare love comes from the west of Canada - Wild Hill Botanicals. In particular, I am loving their Wild Rose and Neroli Night Cream (so much so I have been using it morning and night). It’s a dewy cream that is made with organic plant oils that are blended with their in house distilled hydrosols, organic aloe and mineral rich volcanic water. The rose, neroli, and frankincense offer anti-aging benefit by free-radical scavenging, healthy cell regeneration and increasing skin elasticity. AND….. I feel like there should be a drum roll here ….. This is also one of our only face creams that uses lactobacilus ferment, which is rich in proteins, calcium, iron, and vitamins. The ferment helps protect the skin’s acid mantle and has humectant and soothing properties; it also benefits the skin by breaking down impurities while bringing moisture and vitality to the skin. Everything a hard-working entrepreneurs skin could ask for … well, actually, I think everyone would benefit from this face cream!   



There you have it - my summer faves …. And now that all the hard work is done and we have our second location open, I may go treat myself to a cocktail; there is still much warm weather to be enjoyed!

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