Your Spring Skincare Guide

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It’s hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner, and we definitely aren’t complaining. Longer, brighter days, cute outfits, and beach days, what’s not to love! With this time of renewal comes a time to reconsider your winter skincare routine, and start introducing products that are better suited to this happy season.

So keep reading for a few tips on how to slough away the winter layers and reveal your gorgeous glowing skin that’s ready for spring!


Deeper Exfoliation

After months of long, cold and dreary days, where your skin may have felt extra dry and may have been exposed to some harsh conditions, it’s time to truly renew your skin, and there’s no better way to do this than through a deep exfoliation.

Our Facial Scrub By Fig and Yarrow is ideal for providing a thorough exfoliation thanks to ingredients like baking soda, walnut hulls, and natural clay while providing soothing benefits at the same time thanks to ingredients including oats and honey.

You can exfoliate up to 3 times a week if necessary, however, if your skin is super sensitive stick to just once a week.


Don’t Ditch the Serum

Before you start throwing out the serums that saw you through the driest winter days, you might want to read this. Serums are great for your skin all year round, but in the warmer months, you may simply want to stick to a serum during the night while you sleep, or opt for a daytime serum that is non-greasy so you can wear it right under your moisturizer and your makeup.

Our Detox and Renew Serum is perfect for this time of year, as it’s loaded with skin-loving antioxidants, but can be worn day and night as it leaves behind no oily residue.


Go Easy On The Hydration

Note that we’re saying go easy on the hydration, but don’t go without it entirely! During the summer months when your skin feels sweaty, it may be tempting to ditch the moisturizer, but by going without it, you may encourage your skin to overproduce sebum to make up for what it sees as a lack of oil. This will then throw off the oil balance in your skin, resulting in breakouts.

Simply choose a moisturizer that feels light on the skin. Our Beautiful Day Moisturizer is just what your skin needs! It contains organic tea extracts and powerful antioxidants to fight the signs of aging, along with soothing and hydrating aloe, as well as jojoba oil to provide grease free moisture all day long!


Protect Your Skin

Again, this is something you should be doing all year round, but it becomes especially important when the temps rise. For a chemical-free alternative to conventional sunscreens, try our Elements Sun Cream, which protects your skin with a blend of zinc and sun reflecting oils.

Try these skin care steps and step into spring on the right foot!

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