Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask
Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask

Vitamin C & Revitalizing Organic Sheet Mask

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High-end performance natural and organic Vitamin C & Revitalizingsheet masks from Orgaid. These masks provide an innovative approach to effectively deliver the benefits of natural organic ingredients into your skin.

Skin Types: Mature, Sensitive, Sun-Damaged

Key Features: 

  • Vitamin C - boosts skin's natural collagen production 
  • Lemon – gently exfoliates dead cells 
  • Hyaluronic Acid – hydrates the skin 
  • Orange Peel - boosts collagen production 
  • Pomegranate - protects against sun and environment 
  • Lavender – soothes skin and has anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Rosehip - moisturizes the skin and lessens appearance of scars and wrinkles 

How to Use: 

Apply to clean, dry skin. After removing, pat any leftover serum into your skin.


Water, Organic Lemon distillate*, Kosher vegetable Glycerin, Lactobacillus ferment, Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamic C), Maltodextrin, Arginine, Carbomer, Organic Orange peel extract*, Organic Pomegranate extract*, Organic Rosehip extract*, Organic Lavender extract*, Organic Thyme extract*

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