Pretty Lil Princess
Pretty Lil Princess
Magical Mermaid
Magical Mermaid

Set of 3 Bath Bombs

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Why just soak in the tub filled with water when you can make the experience more magical and serene with these sweet Bath Bombs? A fun treat and a perfect gift!


So many ways to use these bombs! (These are not mini-size, but rather full size).  

If your child hates bath time, just add these sweet bath bombs. These bath bombs may be just the perfect bathing products that your child needs to look forward to their bath time.

The perfect bath time fizzy for your lil Princess! The juicy lemon and grapefruit bath bomb is sure to please every bather. Will not change the bath water colour, will not stain the tub although pink ultramarine may leave a slight residue that will need to be rinsed off of the tub when done bathing.

Or lay back in a magical and fruity bath while being a mermaid! 

Pretty Little Princess - Spoil your little princess with our Because you are a little princess gift tube. Includes three Pretty Lil Princess Bath Bombs.

Magical Mermaid -Spoil someone special with Bath Bomb Co.'s 'Be a Mermaid and make waves' bath bomb tube! Packed with three of Bath Bomb Co.'s ever-popular Magical Mermaid bath bombs.