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A Simple Formula

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A Simple Formula gives you your daily rhythm and allows you to receive the opportunity to cooperate with your energy.

When you respect the ebb and flow of your world, you move in sync with the Universe.

Being in harmony with yourself, you contribute to the harmony of the world. Our world, our planet earth, needs you.

You need you.

Your day has run amuck. You are tired, frustrated, discouraged, close to shaking your fist at life. You are drowning. And then you remember your formula. You put the numbers in their proper place and then you step into your energy.

You align.¬†All is clearer, better. And off you go again.¬†Life is on your side ‚ÄĒ it is there for you. It is simple.¬†When you are there for you, in harmony with you, everything has the opportunity to come together.¬†You take a breath. You do not drown.

You swim.

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