Hair Pomade by Malechemy

Hair Pomade by Malechemy

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Pomade is a wax styling product that holds hair in place with a slick, darkened shine. Our 100% plant-based formula is a blend of nourishing organic oils and waxes that can also be used on beards and mustaches. Pomade provides long-lasting hold that washes out easily with shampoo.

The natural scent of Bay Rum is a classic blend of spices with a hint of chocolate.

Muskoka, featuring Fir Balsam and Black Spruce, smells woodsy.


Bay Rum: Virgin coconut oil (organic), cocoa butter (organic), shea butter (organic), candelilla wax, castor wax, vitamin E, bay rum essential oil (organic), bergamot essential oil (organic), clove oil (organic).

Muskoka: Virgin coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, shea butter*, candelilla wax, castor wax, vitamin E, fir balsam essential oil, black spruce essential oil *, white cedar essential oil*, juniper essential oil*, red cedar essential oil. *certified organic

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