The Little Book of Healthy Beauty by Pina LoGiudice, ND, LAc by Penguin Random House

The Little Book of Healthy Beauty by Pina LoGiudice, ND, LAc

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As seen on Dr. Oz, a revolutionary, naturopathic plan that enhances beauty, improves health and reverses aging, Dr. Pina’s powerful program is guaranteed to make you glow from the inside out.

The philosophy of naturopathic medicine is to use the most natural methods to achieve optimal health and beauty. People who follow this philosophy have a "glow" - an almost indescribable radiance, beauty, and energetic vitality. Dr. Pina's holistic wisdom blends practices from naturopaths, scientists and Chinese medicine and is informed by medical research.

This practical guide presents the five simple keys to great beauty and health (sleep, food, exercise, relaxation and detoxification) and how to maximize their benefits. It offers advice on natural remedies like vitamins and herbs, and gives Dr. Pina''s expert guidance based on over a decade of research and clinical experience. The book's tips include:

The real secrets to staying young.

The best practices for radiant skin and hair.

The vitamins and herbs that work like magic bullets.

Simple daily habits that help overcome stress and shed extra pounds.

Dr. Pina clears up the confusion about what actually works and what doesn't and dispels the popular myths that are doing more harm than good. By following Dr. Pina's advice, you will see yourself looking more radiantly beautiful each day.