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Rosey Cheeks Facial Oil Serum by Cocoon Apothecary

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This dream-come-true serum is a super concentrated version of Cocoon Apothecary's best-selling facial cream, Rosey Cheeks. It contains certified organic rosehip CO2, which is similar to rosehip oil but because it is extracted so efficiently, it has twice the amount of carotenoids and retinoids for keeping skin smooth, firm and nourished.

Both avocado and camellia oils provide moisturizing essential fatty acids and skin-loving antioxidants while rose absolute, extracted from the petals, provides extra antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a soft floral scent. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft and glowing.


Rosehip CO2*, avocado oil*, camellia (green tea) oil*, rose absolute, vitamin E *Organic

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