Virgo Lunar Tea by Astrobloom
Virgo Lunar Tea by Astrobloom
Virgo Lunar Tea by Astrobloom
Virgo Lunar Tea by Astrobloom

Virgo Lunar Tea

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In astrology, our natal Moon sign represents our authentic, inner selves and what we need to feel emotionally secure. Just like the Moon in the sky, our natal Moon reflects the light of our Sun, (our life purpose) and tells us how we live out that purpose in the physical realm. Therefore, unless we understand and nurture our lunar selves, we cannot authentically connect to our life purpose.

This tea is based on the ancient principles of Astroherbology and the healing power of the elements. It is a ritual tool used to help you connect with the energy of nature and cosmos through the elements, particularly water - the element of life, creation, and the Moon. By nurturing your Moon sign and balancing your emotional energy with the energy of the earth and sky, you'll fearlessly step into your authentic path.

Hey Lunar Virgo! You are likely detail-oriented and gifted at creating efficient healing spaces that are of service to others. You likely feel most secure when you are organized and in control, so chaos and changes in plans and can be difficult to manage.
Sip the magick as part of your ritual, or soak in it, in a lunar bath tea. Infuse 1-2 tsp per cup of boiling water for 10-15 min or infuse 2-3 Tbs per hot bath and relax.

When unbalanced, you may tend to overanalyze, stress, and be overly critical of yourself and others. The herbs in this lunar tea will help you purify, destress, and will soothe your sensitive digestive system.

Blackberry leaf (Rubus fruticosus)* - helps Lunar Virgos relax, stop taking life too seriously, and balance gastrointestinal sluggishness

Oatstraw (Avena sativa) (gluten)* - a nutritive and nervine herb that alleviates nervous exhaustion

Peppermint (Mentha x piperita)* - a powerful digestive aid; it helps Lunar Virgos release their grip on order and eases digestive tension from stress.

Lavender flowers (Lavandula angustifolia)* - a powerful nervine that helps critical and calculating Lunar Virgos take a break, and allows them to problem-solve with compassion.