Calm Cedar
White Sage
Wild Flora

Handcrafted 100% Natural Artisanal Incense

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Essence Of Life handcrafted Artisanal incense produces a clean-burning, rich, earthy and pure aroma.  Used to purify the environment and as an aid for meditation, these ancient recipes help to calm and soothe a restless mind. Hand rolled ethically and sustainably in Nepal in small batches.   Each stick is made by grinding the herbs, flowers and spices into a powder and then dipping the sticks in resin, rolling the ground herb onto the stick, and then sun-drying. 

Notes: sandalwood, earthy, wood
Mood: relieves tension,  grounding, offering of peace and acceptance

Calming Cedar
Notes: cedar, earthy, wood, sweet
Mood: promotes vitality and wellness, grounding 

Wild Flora
Notes: wildflowers, floral, sweet
Mood: awakening, uplifting, energizing 

White Sage
Notes: sage, earthy, fresh 
Mood: cleansing, purifying, uplifting 

No toxins, lead, parabens or phthalates

Made only with high altitude herbs, resins, flowers and spices from the Himalayan mountains

eco-friendly and clean burning 

vegan, cruelty free


no artificial fragrances, perfumes, dyes or glued

Burn Time per package: 50 to 60 min

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