Face Roller by Eros Skin Care
Face Roller by Eros Skin Care

Face Roller

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The Eros Faceroller is a microneedling tool that boosts collagen production and deepens skincare absorption to improve tone, firm and smooth your skin. 

Gliding the roller over your face will trigger your skin's natural healing and regenerative mechanisms. Volume can be restored and wrinkles can be minimized with 5-minute treatments per week.

Microneedling has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure because of its ability to deliver renewed, firmer, smoother skin without the need for a more invasive cosmetic surgery. Using a roller with tiny needles, the device will gently penetrate the surface of the skin. These small punctures stimulate the collagen in your skin to generate new cells and skin tissue.

Use this face roller before applying your nightly serums, oils or moisturizers to increase product absorption.

Always sanitize your roller with rubbing alcohol before and after each use.