Libra Lunar Tea by Astrobloom
Libra Lunar Tea by Astrobloom

Libra Lunar Tea

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In astrology, our natal Moon sign represents our authentic, inner selves and what we need to feel emotionally secure. Just like the Moon in the sky, our natal Moon reflects the light of our Sun, (our life purpose) and tells us how we live out that purpose in the physical realm.

Therefore, unless we understand and nurture our lunar selves, we cannot authentically connect to our life purpose.

These teas are based on the ancient principles of Astroherbology and the healing power of the elements. It is a ritual tool used to help you connect with the energy of nature and cosmos through the elements, particularly water - the element of life, creation, and the Moon. By nurturing your Moon sign and balancing your emotional energy with the energy of the earth and sky, you'll fearlessly step into your authentic path.

Hey Lunar Libra! Your Venus-ruled sign empowers you to find beauty and harmony in all things, and you likely feel most comfortable when surrounded by beautiful things and harmonious relationships. You probably dislike extremes, so when unbalanced, you might be indecisive and avoid conflict by people-pleasing.
Sip the magick as part of your ritual, or soak in it, in a lunar bath tea. Infuse 1-2 tsp per cup of boiling water for 10-15 min or infuse 2-3 Tbs per hot bath and relax.

This tea is made with herbs that help you lean into conflict and love yourself the way you love others:

Damiana (Turnera diffusa)* - an aphrodisiac and nervine to help Lunar Libras ease into relationships with flexible expectations of beauty and integrity.

Rose petals (Rosa damascena)* - a hydrating and anti-aging love potion that helps lunar Libras find balance in giving and receiving love to others and themselves.

Violet flowers (Viola odorata) - provides peace and tranquillity in the fight for justice and harmony for all.

North American nettle leaf (Urtica dioica)* - strengthens the kidneys and veins (ruled by Libra), and helps Lunar Libras centre + create healthy boundaries.