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Back To Basics: Scalp Care For Healthy Hair

Great hair starts at the scalp. Although our strands get a lot of attention with hair masks, protein treatments, and leave-in conditioners, our scalps tend to get neglected. When not cared for, our scalps can display symptoms like excess oiliness, dandruff, itchiness, and even irritation. Most importantly, healthy scalps are the perfect environment to grow healthy hair.

Like face care, the skin on our heads benefits from cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration to keep it in a healthy balance. Read on to discover how to care for your scalp and get shiny, strong strands in four simple steps.


JMO exfoliating scalp brush

Step One: Gentle Exfoliation

Between conditioners, serums, oils, and masks, product buildup can accumulate on our scalps. Without proper exfoliation, that product can result in dandruff and hair that feels out of balance.

Before cleansing your hair, begin an exfoliation ritual with John Masters’ Exfoliating Scalp Brush. Starting at the base of your skull, gently massage the brush into your scalp. Continue this motion all over your head and then brush through your hair like normal.

Truth Beauty Tip: Incorporate this scalp massage into your routine every wash day. The exfoliation will help to loosen buildup so your shampoo can cleanse it away.


Woman washing her hair

Step Two: Invigorating Shampoo

Refresh your scalp with a delicate yet clarifying shampoo like Graydon’s Matcha Mint Shampoo. Peppermint essential oil and matcha green tea stimulate the hair follicles and encourage new hair growth. At the same time, calming oat oil gently soothes and nourishes your scalp.

Truth Beauty Tip: Take a break from your regular cleansing routine and use this clarifying shampoo once per week to remove excess buildup and energize your scalp.


Step Three: Stimulating Serum

Are you looking for a treatment to encourage healthy hair but don’t want to weigh your hair down? John Masters’ Scalp Purifying Serum contains a refreshing blend of spearmint and peppermint essential oils to stimulate healthy hair growth. Plus, it features lightweight aloe vera juice to provide your scalp with weightless hydration and barley protein to strengthen your strands.

Truth Beauty Tip: Massage a couple of drops into your scalp after cleansing and conditioning. Begin with one application per week and increase use based on how your hair feels.


Nat + Noor Claw Hair Clip

Step Four: Protective Hairstyles

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your scalp and hair in great shape. Tight, restrictive hairstyles put a lot of stress on your scalp and can lead to breakage and hair loss. Even though we all love the off-duty model slick-back bun look, these styles put your hair under stress and cause damage to the scalp and even headaches.

The solution? Protective hairstyles. Braids and loose buns are great options to keep your hair feeling top-notch. If you’re looking for a gentle style that’s chic and trending, Nat + Noor’s Amir Hair Clips can tie your hair back while providing a cute hair accessory.

Truth Beauty Tip: Before bed, apply a deep conditioning mask and braid your hair. Leave the mask in all night and wash it in the morning for an intensive hydrating treatment.

What are your top tips for encouraging scalp health? Share your routines in the comments below and connect with us on Instagram @thetruthbeautycompany.

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