The Final Countdown: Survival Guide to the Last Sweet Days of Summer

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As summer draws to an end, and long weekends start to become fewer and far between, spontaneous trips up north to soak it all in are becoming a high priority before the seasons start to change. 

That got us thinking, what’s the ultimate product breakdown for your adventures by the lake? Ideally, you want to keep breakouts at bay, your skin feeling refreshed – oh and, look cute for the pictures you’ll inevitably TBT.

Wherever you’re headed is probably pretty low maintenance, so in theory, your beauty routine should be too. Though we like to think we’re very efficient packers, no matter how short the trip, we always end up bringing a few too many’s a beauty junkies prerogative.

Here’s our list of must haves for the last of your summer getaways:


Cleanser | SOS Recommends: Wildcraft Calm + Cleanse

Sent to us by the lovely ladies at TBC, (it’s in their first subscription beauty box PS!) both of us are in love with this cleanser. It doubles as a makeup remover, and leaves you feeling purified, yet refreshed. The chamomile is calming and witch hazel lifts impurities off the skin. Shake it up and soak into a cotton pad and it’s essentially a make-up wipe that won’t break you out! Yes please.


Moisturizer | SOS Recommends: Pai Geranium + Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream, Egyptian Magic

There is nothing quite like a creamy balm on sun kissed skin after a much-needed shower. Right now, we’re really digging the Pai Rebalancing Day Cream for keeping oil at bay while hydrating the skin. Egyptian Magic is also a cult product for a reason. Use on any excessively dry areas and on the lips for long lasting and super hydrating effects.

Brow Gel/Brush | SOS Recommends: A Spooly, Essence Cosmetics “Make Me Brow” Coloured Gel, Defining Brow Wax by EcoBrow

We all know this – brows are the drapes to the window of the soul. Grooming your brows can change your whole face! AKA brow products are necessity in our books. Bring whatever you need to fill them in, or feel comfortable in your brows. We love the Essence brow gel for a drugstore steal (Hi. It’s $5), or bring a spooly and some brow wax to keep them in place AM to PM.

Lip to Cheek | SOS Recommends: RMS Beauty Lip 2 Cheek

Add a little colour to your face in the evening with the RMS lip 2 cheek. Apply with your finger to your lips and use the remainder and blend out on your cheeks for a warm, healthy glow. The best!

Waterproof Mascara | We don’t have a go-to, leave yours in the comments!

Maybe you’re headed into town tonight and want a little extra va-va-voom. Mascara always does the trick and waterproof prevents from smudging or any other annoying mascara tendencies.


Deodorant  | SOS Recommends: Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant

Holly recently reviewed this on the Soap on Skin feed. The charcoal works wonders, it smells great, and most importantly - you don’t stink. Also, IT’S NATURAL! Just try it and thank us later. Also available in travel size because convenient.

Razor + Shaving Cream | SOS Recommends: Any Razor + Buck Naked Canadian Glacial Clay Shaving Soap

So you can stay super slick all week/weekend, plus Canadian Glacial shaving soap softens the skin and hair follicles, nourishes and lifts impurities. It’s also environmentally responsible so you can feel good as it washes down the drain.


Biodegradable Shampoo | SOS Recommends: Feed Your Moisture Shampoo by Yarok

Yarok means pure, and green. They’re all about making the greatest possible impact on your hair, and least possible impact on the environment. You’re not going to find any silicones here, so go ahead – wash your hair in the lake!

Wide Toothed Comb | SOS Recommends: Find at any drug store/beauty supply!

Get rid of pesty knots without the damage. A wide toothed comb causes the least amount of breakage, reduces split ends and is gentle on the scalp. Win, win, win. They’re not just for curly girls.

Hair Ties | SOS Recommends: Invisibobble Hair Rings, Any Rubber Hair Tie

Cottage, cabin, or camping – it’s usually a heat-free styling zone. This is where hair ties are your friend and you can play protective styles to your advantage! French braids, regular braids, pigtails and ponytails, go crazy, and we bet you’ll look super cute.

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