Our Truth


The Truth Beauty Company is a one stop shop for the finest selection of natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, hair care and lifestyle brands. Based in Waterloo, ON, we thrive on raising awareness about harmful chemicals both for the for the environment and our bodies.

Prioritizing our commitment to the community and the environment, The Truth Beauty Company highlights our values and social responsibility as well as our partner’s through all its endeavors.


We believe that one should not have to sacrifice efficacy and luxury at the expense of our health and values, as well as the health of the planet, for beauty.

The Truth Beauty Company is a curated boutique featuring products that are free from harmful chemicals, toxins, parabens, phthalates, and more. We carry the belief that anything consumed should have positive benefits on all aspects of the body, mind, soul, and surrounding environment.

Peace of mind, convenience, safety, responsibility, and wellness are at the heart of what we do at The Truth Beauty Company.

Our core values directly influence the brands that you will see on the shelves of The Truth Beauty Company. You can take comfort in knowing that each product has been intentionally selected by our founder, Jennifer Freitas.