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Alum Matchsticks (Pack of 20) by Rockwell Razors

Alum Matchsticks (Pack of 20)

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Nicks and cuts happen to the best of us. Rockwell Alum Matches use natural ingredients to quickly and easily stop the bleeding.

Just rip one Rockwell Alum Match out of the pack, wet the tip, and apply to the affected area. Rockwell Alum Matches are disposable after each use so you don’t leave a bloody, “reusable” alum stick on your countertop, collecting bacteria.
Rockwell Alum Matches are excellent for reducing irritation or redness after a shave.
Alum sticks are vital for shavers and barbers alike. These magic healing tools from Rockwell Razors help seal up bumps and nicks quickly.

With the use of a little bit of water and gentle dabbing, this pack of alum sticks soothes and appropriately heals wounds caused by shaving.

As all Rockwell Razor products, this item is economically priced and perfect for anyone who loves to shave, despite the hiccups along the way.