Capsule Palette by Elate Cosmetics
Capsule Palette by Elate Cosmetics

Capsule Palette

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Refillable Cosmetics Case

Personalize your Capsule Palette with up to sixteen shades of pressed powders. Refillable and sustainable—the epitome of capsule beauty.

Palettes you can’t personalize are a thing of the past: With Elate's Capsule Palette, you choose your shades, so no product goes unused—or to a landfill.

This reusable palette is the epitome of capsule beauty. Your Capsule Palette will fit 2 Pressed Foundations, or 4 Blushes, or 8 Brow Balms/Concealers, or 16 Pressed EyeColours. Small enough for a cosmetics bag, big enough for all your go-to colours.

Plus, a mirror helps you get ready on the go.