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Coconut Oil by Conscious Coconut
Coconut Oil by Conscious Coconut
Coconut Oil by Conscious Coconut
Coconut Oil by Conscious Coconut
Coconut Oil by Conscious Coconut

Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is loaded with healthy fats, lauric acid, and vitamin E, which together pack a punch in delivering nutrients to the body, aiding in skin treatment, and as a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types. Coconut oil is a versatile tool for optimum health, wellness, and beauty. In a (coco) nutshell, CoCo is a great multi-tasker because of its medium-chain triglycerides and vitamin E which have antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Quality Like No Other: Certified USDA organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil is made in small batches in the Philippines and never touches a piece of machinery.

Fair Trade Practices: This fair trade coconut oil is certified through Fair Trade USA ensuring safe working conditions and just compensation for farmers and factory workers.

Do More With Less: Coconut oil is a versatile tool for optimum health, wellness and beauty. In a (coco) nutshell, coco is a great multitasker because of its medium chain triglycerides and vitamin E, which have antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Giving Back: All products are packaged by adults with developmental disabilities at the MacDonald Training Center in Tampa, Florida. For EVERY product sold they donate a meal to a child in need through Feeding America.

Each tube is filled with 3.4 ounces of coconut oil, making it TSA-approved for your carry-on bag.
ou can use the same tube to remove makeup, shave your legs, moisturize from head to toe, and prevent scars & sunspots. Toss the tube in your bag for after sun care as well.

For mamas? It’s great for baby eczema and stretch marks and as a diaper cream. Outdoorsy? Coco is a game-changer for rashes, bug bites and sunburns!
Coconut oil is one sassy soul. One minute it’s hard like butter, the next flowing like water. The melting point is 76 degrees, so if it’s solid, warm your tube in your hands or run under warm water. If you would prefer a lotion-like consistency, toss it in the fridge for a few minutes.

It is natural of coconut oil to react differently to varying temperatures, and we have neither added nor taken anything away. We have unconditional love for our little miracle and even support its mood, we mean consistency changes. We promise it's worth it!
100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

Customer Reviews

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A Million Uses

I love this coconut oil and use it almost daily. I use it on my lips, dry skin, if I have gotten too much sun or for a massage. It is amazing for any little rashes or skin issues that may arise and this tube fits in your carry on for travel! Loved it on our trip to Mexico in January and plan to bring it along again on our next adventure. You won’t be disappointed! A complete go to product!!

Not your average coconut oil

Use this for everything! Lips, body moisturizer.... be gone flakey winter legs! Too much sun? Works for that as well! From a massage oil to hand treatment! A little hard to get out of it’s tube if it gets cold but I find it can be warmed up quickly. My husband likes it because it doesn’t “smell funny” a win in my book!

Leigh Grimm
So many uses!

I love this tube and all the possibilities it packs! I use it for make up remover, moisturizer for my driest patches of skin and as a lip oil. It smells wonderful.