Cuticle Serum 02 Hydration by Sundays Studio
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Cuticle Serum 02 Hydration

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Sundays Studio Cuticle Serum 02 is perfect for drying nails, while also providing light-weight moisture and hydration to your cuticles. As the formula is designed to be non-greasy and light, it pairs well with hand lotion to have your hands looking healthy and hydrated. Major ingredient being Soybean Oil, the formula supports skin health by restoring natural moisture. Keeping in mind that droppers can often spread bacteria, Sundays Studio designed the dropper in a way that doesn’t contaminate the bottle. Not everyone just wants their nails looking beautiful, they also want to make sure they’re healthy. The Cuticle Serum 02 is the perfect blend of just that: health and beauty. 

Key Features: 

Lightweight, non-greasy formula.

Super hydrating and can be added to hand lotion to keep hands healthy and moisturized.

Salon quality hydration, restoring natural moisture of cuticles.  

Dropper designed to avoid contamination of the bottle and easy for everyday use.

Ingredients: Soy methyl ester, Vitamin blend, myrrh oil, jojoba oil. 


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