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Collagen supplements are taking the wellness market by storm, and for good reason. Collagen makes up 30% of your body’s natural protein and is an essential factor in the proper functioning of skin, bones, hair, and connective tissue. When looking to introduce collagen into your routine, it can be challenging to find a brand that speaks to your needs. WithinUs provides their customers with premium based products that support natural wellness from within. With a customer return rate of 95%, we are confident they are doing something right. 

What Makes WithinUs Collagen Unique from the Rest? 

WithinUs understands that not all collagen is created equal. WithinUs uses a specific type, known as Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen that is sourced from fish scales. Marine collagen is used not only because of its nutritional benefits but also because it is more bioavailable than other forms of collagen. Marine collagen is almost exclusively type 1 collagen, which is found in abundance naturally throughout the human body. Type 1 collagen has benefits over type 2 and even type 3; its low molecular weight allows it to be more easily absorbed through the body making it a great choice for a collagen supplement. Many customers of WithinUs appreciate the fact that their collagen is not a byproduct of beef, pork, or chicken. 

What are the benefits of using WithinUs?

As we age our bodies begin to lose their ability to produce collagen. Starting in your mid-twenties our bodies lose 1% of its collagen annually. How does this affect the body? Skin becomes less firm and begins to sag, wrinkles begin to form more easily, hair begins to shed and become thinner. Furthermore, joints stiffen up and become less flexible and bones and nails begin to weaken. By taking collagen supplements, studies have proven that we can lessen the effects of aging on our bodies. Ingesting collagen gives the body an extra boost of the vital protein to promote joint health, increase our skin's moisture leading to livelier and younger looking skin. WithinUs collagen helps to improve bone mineral density and joint mobility. The body is also able to use the amino acids in type 1 collagen to help build hair proteins resulting in thicker hair and reducing hair loss and boosting hair health. 

Need more convincing?

Try some of the many varieties WithinUs has and you will see the results outlined above. As they say, the proof is in the puddingThere are many varieties of WithinUs that have made it easy for you to incorporate it into your daily routine. The Coconut Creamer is perfect for those who want to get their collagen at the same time they get their caffeine. Have trouble sleeping? Try the WithinUs that also contains magnesium; rest well and restore your body. Prefer your collagen with an afternoon pick-me up? Try their Matcha Misto. As mentioned, WithinUs really does make a product for everyone. Now, which will you try? 

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