How to Assess Your Skin and Find Out Your Skin Type At Home

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Do you know your exact skin type?

Unless you have been fully and properly assessed by a skin therapist or dermatologist, chances are you are simply guessing what your skin type is.

Sure, if your skin seems incredibly greasy, and you tend to break out frequently, it may seem a no-brainer that your skin is oily, and definitely not dry.

However, you may have combination skin, and that may be the reason you deal with dry patches in certain areas.

You may have oily skin, yet are using products for dry skin that is causing you to break out or vice versa. Determining your skin type ensures you use the right products, which can prevent all sorts of skincare woes. 

In today’s post, we want to help you properly assess your skin at home, so you can figure out your exact skin type. We will also provide our top product recommendations for each one!


Start by cleansing your skin

Before we get started, you will need to cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanserthat won’t strip your skin of natural oils but will remove all traces of dirt, excess oil and grime. 

Once clean, you are going to use a blotting sheet to gently blot your skin. A tissue works just as well, simply separate the layers so you are using only one layer. The amount of oil left behind on your sheet, paired with the following characteristics will determine your skin type. 

Dry Skin

There should be no oil on your blotting sheet or tissue if your skin is genuinely dry. 

Dry skin often feels tight and may look dull and flaky, with an overall loss of tone and elasticity. Dry skin needs deep nourishment to help replace lost moisture, in order to prevent and minimize the signs of aging. Because dry skin has little to no oil, it has the highest risk of aging. 

Treat your skin to this Rose Nourishing Face Oil by Apoterra to instantly hydrate and revive parched skin!


Oily Skin

If your blotting sheet or tissue comes off greasy after blotting your entire face, then you have an oily skin type. 

Oily skin is characterized by large pores and overall shine, and you'll have a higher risk of blackheads and pimples, as excess oil clogs the pores. The silver lining is that your skin will age slower than a dry complexion, but we know how annoying those constant breakouts can be!

Avoid harsh, drying conventional products that provide short-lived results, actually increasing oil and issues in the long-term.

Instead, stick to products designed to balance, but will never strip your skin, such as this soothing Face Foam by Graydon Skincare. Follow up with a serum formulated to balance and soothe, such as this Herbal Clarifying Facial Oil with Immortelle and Green tea by Apoterra. 


Normal Skin

Normal skin may show a tiny amount of oil on the blotting sheet, these are simply your skin’s natural oils that contribute to that healthy glow, embrace your skin in all its glory, we are envious!

Normal skin is not dry or oily. It may appear youthful and healthy with no breakouts. You want to be sure you maintain your healthy skin by sticking to a good skincare ritual daily. 

Make our Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream a staple in your daily ritual!

Combination Skin

This is actually one of the most common skin types. You should notice no oil when you blot your cheeks, yet there should be oil after blotting your t-zone (your forehead, nose and chin).

With this skin type, you may experience dry, flaky skin on the cheeks and grease and breakouts on the nose, chin and forehead. 

Multi-masking can be incredibly beneficial for this skin type, try this Clearing mask by Indie Lee on your t-zone and a more hydrating mask, such as this Gel Overnight Mask on dry areas. 

Follow up with a serum suited to all skin types to help balance and brighten.

We hope this article helps you to learn more about your skin so you can start using products that will provide the results you deserve! Give us a follow on Instagram @thetruthbeautycompany to keep up with all our latest beauty and skincare news!

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