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Herbal Sitz Bath

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Recommended by midwives and OB’s, sitz baths use the principles of hydrotherapy to promote healing and comfort mom after she has given birth.

Key Features: 

This botanical blend of healing herbs, have traditionally been used for their reparative qualities, and offer a soothing respite in mom’s time of need.

Comfrey: powerful vulnerary (healing); demulcent; soothing to irritated skin; astringent; wound healing, speeds healing due to constituent of allantoin

Lavender Flower: soothing, skin tonic; anti-bacterial; healing, calming

Rose Petals: emollient, anti-inflammatory

Rosemary Herb: anti-spasmodic, circulatory stimulant; soothing to muscle pain; carminative, anti-microbial; astringent

Yarrow Flowers: astringent, helpful for varicose veins and hemorrhoids

How to Use: 

Steep 1/6 of the herbs in 2 litres of boiled water for fifteen minutes. Strain and pour into a shallow basin. Immerse yourself in the infusion. Repeat as needed.

Bag holds 72 grams (6 baths)


Calendula Officinalis* (Pot Marigold), Symphytum Officinale* (Comfrey) Leaf, Lavandula Angustifolia* (Lavender) Flowers, Rosmarinus Officinalis* (Rosemary) Leaf, Rosa Canina* (Rose) Petals, Achillea Millefolium* (Yarrow) Flower


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