Oil Cleanser by Wildcraft
Oil Cleanser by Wildcraft
Oil Cleanser by Wildcraft

Wash Oil Cleanser

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This no suds blend of botanical oils will leave your skin feeling clean, hydrated and soft.

Jojoba and marshmallow root-infused sunflower oil work to reduce irritation and calm inflammation, while the daily ritual of self-massage helps increase circulation, cell turnover and relaxation. Tea tree and frankincense oils aid in gently unclogging pores and clearing impurities, making oil cleansing the perfect balance of both nourishing and decongesting benefits.

All Skin Types.
Gentle and effective at removing makeup, dirt and grime.

Works to clear impurities and congestion.

Leaves the skin lightly hydrated, comfortable and smooth.

Won’t strip the skin of its natural barrier.

Scent profile is clean, woodsy and floral.
Using a quarter-sized amount, thoroughly massage the cleanser onto dry skin using circular and upward motions. Take the opportunity to benefit from the aromatherapy and relaxing effect.

Follow by using a cloth with warm water to gently remove the cleanser and debris from skin.
Marshmallow Root* Infused Sunflower Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Olive Oil*, Flax Oil*, Essential Oils of: Lavender*, Frankincense and Tea Tree*, Rosemary Leaf Extract*.

* Organic

Customer Reviews

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Oil Cleanser

I’ve never had it happen where I walk into a store, explain what I’m looking for and be presented with options and which one specifically I needed! I love this product! The suggested use of putting it on a warm cloth and have a much needed 5 min meditation made it sweeter! The product removed my eyeliner and mascara with mad scrubbing - just a gentle wipe makes this product 100% in my skincare routine!


I have been suffering from sporadic breakouts (chin and jawline) for a while, so I was super nervous to try this out. However, after only a week, my acne has either gone away, or significantly reduced in size. Bonus, it is made in Ontario and female-owned!!!

Great oil cleanser!

I had been using a foam cleanser for a while and I was experiencing breakouts so I thought I would try something different. After only 2 weeks of using this cleaner at night (and only warm water to cleanse in the morning) my skin was far less red and irritated, and over a month later my skin tone is much more even. I’m glad I gave this one a try!

Works wonders!

I was nervous to use this cleanser as I have naturally really oily skin to start with but it cleared my skin significantly and I even found my skin felt less oily after more and more use.

Tessa Femia-Sebben

I was skeptical to try this oil based cleanser as I have problem skin, but ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. It feels wonderful to apply and my skin felt so soft afterwards. I loved this product!