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Clarifying Cream & Foam Cleanser Bundle by Zyderma
Clarifying Cream & Foam Cleanser Bundle by Zyderma

Clarifying Cream & Foam Cleanser Bundle

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This discovery bundle contains a full size of Zyderma's hero products, the Clarifying Cream AND their gentle foaming cleanser.

This duo is ideal for daily use and the care of blemished and sensitive skin. The unique combination of skin-nurturing ingredients and micronized silver cares for and helps soothe the skin, promotes the skin’s own natural healing process, helps to regulate the skin flora, and reduces harmful bacteria. If you experience acne, this is a product you should incorporate into your routine. 

Suitable For All Skin Types, Especially Acne-Prone.

The clarifying cream does wonders to create a healthy complexion as it rids the skin of disruptive environmental microorganisms with its combination of nourishing ingredients and MicroSilverBG™. This sustained microbial cleansing process occurs due to the continuous releasing of silver ions done by the porous MicroSilver BG™ particles in the clarifying cream.

Pair the Clarifying Cream with the Gentle Foaming Cleanser and you are setting yourself up for smooth, clear skin. 

Apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin. Can be used morning and night, and even throughout the day. 

As far as washing, we recommend washing in the evening, after your work day is done. However, if your skin becomes oily throughout the day, a morning or mid-day wash could be incorporated. 

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