Clove + Hallow Launch Re-Cap

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Oh Canada!

The home of maple syrup, hockey and over-thanking…. At least, that is what is generally thought of Canada. Along with the aforementioned items, one would think that cold naturally is part of our reality…. but on Tuesday, September the 26th, Ontario was hit by a HEAT WAVE! Although unexpected, it complimented what we were doing as our make-up was put to the test!

September 26th, 2017 was also the day The Truth Beauty Company launched it’s newest make-up brand, Clove + Hallow. We chose the day at the beautiful Drake, Sky-yard, as we thought we’d have some beautiful fall weather to be the perfect backdrop to our brunch with the best beauty editors and influencers Toronto knows. The sun was certainly gorgeous but boy was she hot!

Sarah Biggers, the beauty behind the brand Clove + Hallow (C + H) sat next to me as we welcomed the prettiest faces and most chicly dressed.

C + H has been a brand I have been watching for a while and was stoked when I was able to buy it… and more stoked to tell everyone about it! 

Sarah, had been in the beauty industry for years, working as a freelance makeup artist when she got sick. She couldn’t figure out why after countless doctor’s appointments, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and clean up her life - out went the toxins. Yet, when it came to her make-up kit, she found she could not replace the conventional products with clean ones …. And so Clove + Hallow was born.

Are you wondering what about C + H piqued our curiosity?

It was the commitment for ‘swoon-worthy aesthetic, performance and shade range of your favorite conventional brands at a price-point that doesn’t cause sticker shock’ that had us reeled in. As ‘Chief Curator’ at The Truth Beauty Company I have always maintained the importance of offering brands that can meet many skin tones and many pocket books! And well, with C + H, they check off every item on my list!

The idea of bringing Sarah to Canada was also to introduce the passion she brings! Trust me, she is passionate about being the MAC of clean beauty! We sat in front of about 30 guests with sweat dripping from our noses (I don’t think anyone other than ourselves saw) to fully introduce her labour of love! C + H launched 10 shades for concealer, 14 for pressed powder foundations (along with her lipsticks and lip glazes which we had bought in the spring) and has more up her sleeve! Liquid foundations are coming, as are the many other staples you are craving!

We put that brand to the TEST!

With 30 celcius plus degree heat and the sun beating down on us - the product kept performing! And the feedback we have received from press and influencers has also been nothing short of outstanding! Make sure to go cop some! We know you will share our obsession!  

See our entire Clove + Hallow collection!

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