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Why You Should Never Pick Your Pimples

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When your skin is giving you grief it can be really tempting to pick away at your pimples, thinking if you can squeeze them or pick them off, they will go away faster, and allow you to enjoy clear, healthy skin again.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and will only further irritate your skin. This might not be the news you were hoping for, but we have put together a few tips to show you exactly why you need to leave your zits alone!

Don’t despair, however, there are easy ways to naturally soothe and conceal your pimples so no one will even know they are there while they heal.
Read on to find out the negative effects of picking your pimples, as well as how to treat them with a bit of TLC.

Takes Longer To Heal
It may be frustrating when a big ol’ conker just seems to hang around forever, but by trying to speed the process along, you will only prolong the healing process. By opening up a pimple you are exposing it to dirt and bacteria, which will cause your pimples to become an angry red and feel pretty painful.

Natural Tip:

If your pimple pops on its own, apply a natural antibacterial product, such as our Banish Stick by Indie Lee, or Clarifying Cream by Zyderma and leave it alone! The best tip, in fact, for keeping your skin clear is to avoid touching your face as much as possible, as our hands are constantly exposed to bacteria.  

Causes Swelling and Can leave A Scar

Ever thought you could pop a juicy whitehead, only to find that your skin around the pimple swells up, and that your pimple stills hurts, meaning it still has pus in it? You keep trying to squeeze your pimple, but the swelling just gets worse and worse, and the skin around your pimple starts to go red, or even bruise?

By squeezing a pimple and aggravating your skin, you cause trauma to your skin which can result in a scar. By irritating a pimple, you are also leaving yourself susceptible to scarring left behind from your pimple.

Natural Tip:

Instead of squeezing your pimple, apply an ice cube, for just a few seconds, directly to your pimple to “freeze” it in place, preventing it from getting bigger and helping to reduce inflammation and swelling.  

Can Cause Further Breakouts

By picking or squeezing your pimples, and then touching another area of your face, you leave unblemished skin vulnerable to breaking out as you are simply spreading bacteria.

Natural Tip:

Keep your skin clean by cleansing morning at night with a good natural cleanser such as this one. Follow up with a moisturizer that will balance out your sebum levels and protect your skin all day long against bacteria. One of our favourites is Skin Stuff by Graydon!

Don’t let pimples get you down, follow these tips, take care with your food choices and regularly indulge in your favourite activities to help keep your stress levels done, and your skin healthy and glowing!


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