Facial Acupuncture

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I was feeling particularly nervous for the workshop as I am not one who has a high tolerance for pain…. But I am game when it comes to experimenting with holistic treatments for beauty.

Facial Acupuncture had been on my radar for quite some time and I knew my Truth Beauty clients would be interested to know more about the procedure - and of course, the results. Dr. Alex Coulson arrived about half an hour early with some delicious home-made cookies - that were of course, gluten free, sugar free, fun free (lol).... perhaps, to get us warmed up and feeling good; cookies are always a sure way to put me at ease.  

Truthfully, what put me at ease though, was listening to Dr. Alex speak. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all things that affect our skin, whether that be endocrine disruptors that are found in conventional beauty, an unhealthy digestive system, or a hormone system that is completely out of whack, among many other probable contributing factors for skin issues. She also knew exactly how acupuncture could benefit my skin. (She said I had some fine lines!!) 


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing practice that works with targeted needle stimulation for whole-body re-balancing; and when it comes to the face, the treatment targets acupoints to stimulate the body’s regenerative process. Yes, bye-bye wrinkles. The best part, is that this is my own body healing itself! No poisons, just a little prick!


Did it hurt? No. Did I feel it? Yes, some of the needles I did feel enter my skin. In fact, the treatment was really interesting! I could feel some of the needles enter and a sensation surrounding it for maybe a few minutes, and then the feeling would dissipate. In some places, I did not feel the needle enter, but felt a sensation after a while. Sensation, you ask? Yes, it is kind of difficult to describe but like a tightening; in fact, after the half hour treatment was done, for the rest of the afternoon, and well into the evening, I felt like I had a band on my head that was tightening it all! It was really incredible feeling!

Intrigued, right? And want to know how it works? Acupuncture is truly amazing for muscle tone and deeper tissue tone - it relaxes the deeper tissue muscles that are too tight, and it tightens the ones that are loose. Dr. Alex says it is really great for lifting and sculpting the cheeks and jawline, and lifting the eyebrows, and of course, diminishing those pesky laugh lines and crow’s feet.

I'm hooked. Not only did my face look amazing - dewy and plump, but I also had this sense of calm. Acupuncture is known for moving energy and I am known for being a bit of a stress - sounds like a perfect marriage to me! And I get to look younger from treatments? Yes, you have a patient for life.

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