Discovering the Perfect Makeup Colors for Your Complexion with Elate

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When it comes to makeup, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is colour. The right colours can enhance your natural beauty, while the wrong ones can leave you looking washed out or overly made-up. Makeup enthusiasts often struggle with finding the perfect shades that complement their skin tone. In this blog, we'll delve into the world of makeup colour selection, focusing on what's best suited for different complexions, all while embracing a natural, fresh look with the help of Elate cosmetics.

Understanding Your Complexion

Before we dive into the world of makeup colours, it's essential to understand your complexion. Complexion refers to the combination of your skin's undertone and overtone. Undertones can be warm, cool, or neutral, while overtone refers to the surface color of your skin. To determine your undertone, check the veins on your wrist ‚Äď blue veins indicate cool undertones, green veins suggest warm undertones, and a mix of both implies neutral undertones.


Selecting Your Colours


Warm Complexions

If you have warm undertones, you're in luck. Earthy tones and warm shades like coral, peach, and golden hues will be your best friends. Elate's Blush Balm in Savvy or Whimsy can add a touch of warmth and radiance to your cheeks. For your lips, go for Better Balm in Bloom if you'd like a sheer wash or the LipColour Pencil in Infinite which boasts rich, warm burnt red tones.

For your eyes, warm shades like bronze, copper, and terracotta work wonders. Elate's Earthen Pressed EyeColour is a versatile choice that complements warm complexions beautifully. This shadow is highly buildable so you can keep it light and fresh for an everyday look, or add another layer for a more dramatic look.

Cool Complexions

Cool undertones call for cooler shades like rosy pinks, mauves, and icy blues. Elate's Love Blush Balm and Brave Blush Powder are fantastic choices for achieving that fresh, cool-toned look. For your eyes, the Pressed EyeColour soft creamy pink shades like Soar and Sweet are the right fit.  On your lips, opt for shades like Ardent or Enigma from the LipColour Pencil collection to enhance your cool complexion.

Cool-toned individuals should steer clear of overly warm or yellow-based colours, as they can clash with the natural undertones of the skin. Stick to cooler hues to maintain harmony between your makeup and complexion.


Neutral Complexions

If you have a neutral complexion, consider yourself lucky, as you have the flexibility to experiment with both warm and cool shades. Elate's Mystic EyeColour Pencil is a versatile neutral shade that can be incorporated into various looks, add a pop of colour and drama with the Able Eyeline Pencil. For blush, the Ingenue Blush Powder or the Allure Blush Balm from Elate both provide a perfect balance of warmth and coolness.

For lips, go for shades like Thrive or Serene from the LipColour Pencil collection. Neutral complexions allow you to play with various color palettes, so don't be afraid to mix and match to achieve different looks.


Creating a Natural, Fresh Look

Regardless of your complexion, the key to an everyday makeup look is keeping it natural and fresh. Start with a good skincare routine to ensure a clean canvas. Elate's ReFresh Foundation is an excellent choice to even out your skin tone while providing a lightweight, natural finish.

Focus on enhancing your features rather than masking them. A subtle highlight on the high points of your face and a touch of blush on your cheeks will create a healthy, radiant glow. Finish with a soft lip color and a touch of neutral eyeshadow, and you're ready to take on the day.

Discovering the perfect makeup colours for your complexion is all about understanding your undertones and experimenting with shades that enhance your natural beauty. Remember don't worry to much about the rules or what you "should be doing" and to have fun with it. You never know what your might like and what colours will enhance your features, not mask them, so embrace your uniqueness. 

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