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Things that stand the test of time do so because they are useful, effective and add value to our lives so there is no wonder why ancient beauty tools are making a huge infiltration into our current skincare regimes.

Never one for trends or superficialities, when looking to add to Truth Beauty Company's tool collection, I wanted to work with a brand that had a connection to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). And as luck would have it, through a mutual friend I was introduced to Amanda Schuler. 


Amanda Schuler Ember Wellness Founder


Amanda shares with us that Ember Wellness collection is the culmination of her years spent living in China, which sparked her fascination with TCM and how it relates to health, beauty and wellness.

She learned that regular facial acupuncture combined with the use of facial tools including the gua sha, facial roller, eye wand and facial cups, can significantly enhance ones appearance and most importantly, ones state of mind. With that as her motivation, when this serial entrepreneur arrived back in Canada she set out to make this ancient folk ritual popularized. 

Her gua sha technique is sure to woo you to incorporating this self-care practice as part of your daily habits. The ancient technique of gua sha massage, with its roots in TCM, has been used for centuries all over the body to treat different ailments. A regular gua sha practice can assist in supporting a healthy sleep cycle, and aid in reducing stress by activating Qi along your meridian pathways. Now let's learn it:

Gua Sha Massage is an effective way to activate energy flow to the face, which can lift, tone and plump the face, and when used daily it can aid in cellular turnover, leaving your complexion fresh and glowing. 


Because the use of these facial tools will bring fresh Qi and blood to the face by detoxing the meridian systems. Imagine a traffic jam. Our system can sometimes get stagnant and needs to get freed up. By using gua sha on our face and neck, we are opening up the highway/pathways and bringing fresh energy to the face and skin. This routine can be completed in about 6 minutes, doing 3-4 strokes per move. If you have time, you can absolutely do more strokes per movement.



Ember's Heart Shaped Gua Sha was created with rounded ridges along the outer curvature and is ideal for encouraging lymphatic drainage along the front, side and back of the neck. 

*Please note that it is important to avoid using on any irritations, breakouts, open wounds or raised scars. If you’ve recently received any fillers or Botox, wait three to four weeks or talk to your doctor. 

Prepare your skin

 After cleansing, spritz hydrosol onto your face, then warm facial oil in your hands and apply to the face, neck and décolletage. Alternatively you can our new Sculpt & Glow Bar for extra hydration and slip.

Then it's as easy as 1-2-3:

Hold the tool flat and connected to the skin with light to medium pressure. Use upwards strokes at a 15-degree angle, in other words you want the gua sha flatter to the skin rather than at an upright angle. Starting at the neck then forehead, eye area, cheekbone and jawline.

1- The neck

Back of neck:
Use the large U-shaped notch of your gua sha to encircle the back of
your spine. Glide the gua sha up the spine to the bottom of your hairline 4 x.
Using the jagged side, move your gua sha about an inch or two away from the spine to sweep upwards all the back to the back of the occiput 4 x on both sides

Front of neck.
Using the same notch, use a feather light stroke and glide your gua sha from the front of your neck and up towards the tip of your chin. Because you are stroking along the larynx, it is essential to use a feather light stroke, just let the weight of the gua sha do the work with no extra pressure from your hands. Using the flat side of your gua sha, move slightly to the right and swipe upwards another 4 x on both sides. This is a key stroke, and it helps clear the stomach meridian.  Again, using the flat side, move another inch or so towards your shoulder, and repeat the same stroke on both sides, ending up at the ear.

Side of neck:
Again, using the flat side, or the notch if you prefer, begin at the top of the shoulder and glide your tool upwards towards the top of the shoulder and glide up along the side of your neck, ending at the side of your neck just under your ear. *Please note this stroke is contraindicated during pregnancy*


2- The Face

Start in the middle of your forehead. Use the flat side of your gua sha to gently lift the forehead area from tip of nose to bottom of hairline. Do this same stroke on both sides of the forehead, each time lifting from the eyebrow to the bottom of your hairline. Move towards the side of your eye, and stroke there gently, this is a very effective stroke for smoothing crow's feet. 

Jawline & Cheekbone:
Amanda's favourite strokes - using the large notch of your gua sha, anchor
your chin with the opposite hand and gently swipe upwards along your entire jawline, ending at the edge of your ear. give your gua sha a wiggle. Keep moving up the face doing the same strokes. Make sure to keep anchoring the face with one hand and use a nice feather light stroke towards the temple and keep your gua sha at a 15' angle. Keep going and use the flat side to gently envelop under your cheekbone, moving up towards the temple.


Gua Sha Techniques

3 - The Eyes

Use the small tip and gently lift from the inners corner of the eye under the eyebrow to your temple. Then to very gently move your eye wand from the inner corner of your eye towards the temple. Use the ridged side in between your eyebrows, gently press and lift with your peace sign fingers of the other hand, between your eyebrows to support. Then use the ridges in little side to side movements like an eraser, spreading out any tension or 11 lines.

Unify the entire face with a nice massage with your hands, pressing in any extra oil and enjoy your gua sha glow!

But don't forget, it's a cumulative effect. Reap the many benefits of a daily gua sha practice, your skin will thank you!

Do you have a gua sha routine? We would love her hear you favourite strokes, and tips below. Share your results and connect with us on Instagram @thetruthbeautycompany.

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