Do You Need To Use An Eye Cream?

The answer is yes, of course! And here is the science behind it.

The skin around your eye area is 10x thinner than the rest of your face. This is why many of us will notice aging in that area first.

Fine lines, crowsfeet, dark circles, sagging - all of these are signs of aging that we can slow down with the right products and care techniques. 

So why won’t my face cream work?

Being that the eye area is so much thinner than the rest of the face, this means that this area has a different absorption rate than other areas.

Have you ever noticed small whiteheads around the skin near your eyes? These are called milia and they can be a direct result of you applying your face cream to this delicate skin.  

Milia are miniature cysts that are just beneath the surface of the skin making it difficult to extract compared to a regular blemish. Why do they occur? When we apply something that is too heavy for the delicate eye area (i.e. your regular face cream), the oils will clog, resulting in milia. 

However, if you skip moisturizing the area completely you can still end up with the same problem as your skin will over compensate by creating more oils leading to milia. Not to mention, you will experience even faster aging as a result of giving this area no love. When you introduce an eye cream, your milia will eventually dissolve on its own.

Eye cream is formulated specifically for the skin around the eye using ingredients to target common eye concerns such as fine lines, sagging, and darkness. 

Here are some of our faves!

Sahajan Radiance Eye Cream: Packed with Vitamin C, this eye cream uses an Ayurvedic blend of ingredients that will both brighten & hydrate the eye area.

Corpa Flora Antidote H3: An amazing gel texture that won’t cause milia! Containing coffee extract and green tea extract this eye product will deliver deep hydration while targeting anti-aging concerns and dark circles!

Harlow Eye Elixir: Eye oils are amazing for those struggling with a dry under eye! It will hydrate and repair without irritation.

Pai System D: This gel textured eye serum is meant for all skin types and is truly anti-aging. Packed with plant based ceramides and omega’s 3 & 6 this eye cream will strengthen the skin and repair the skin’s protective barrier. System D is amazing for sensitive skin types due to the schisandra C02 extract which is packed with antioxidants to help calm and soothe irritation.


Gift With Purchase*

Hey Beauties you’re in luck! We have a Gift With Purchase featuring Pai Skincare. With every System D purchase you will receive a complimentary Cold As Eyes crystal massage tool! This limited edition crystal cooler will revive tired, stressed-out eyes, 

Massage the delicate skin daily to help absorb your favourite eye cream or serum, reduce puffiness and take the heat out of irritation.

*While quantities last.

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  • Kate on

    I love the Sahajan Eye Cream.. though I am curious to try out the Pai one next!

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