Get Your Skin Confidence Back! Here Are Our Favourite Ingredients for Dry Skin!

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Dry skin is a real drag.

Not only is it uncomfortable and itchy, dry skin also contributes to dull looking skin, as a result of dead skin buildup that may need a little help coming off. 

Unlike dehydrated skin, a more complex condition rather than a skin type, dry skin can usually  be remedied fairly easily by using the right types of ingredients on your skin. 

In this article we want to highlight some of our top choices to help provide some quick relief for dry, dull skin so you can rock that dewy, glowing complexion once more - and to have it last!

Jojoba oil featured in our Wildcraft Oil Cleanser

Jojoba oil actually mimics your skin’s own natural sebum meaning your skin will simply drink it up! Jojoba oil will leave your skin soft, nourished and perfectly balanced. 

An oil cleanser is the way to go when you deal with dry skin. Unlike many conventional cleansers that may strip your skin of natural oils, an oil cleanser will help to dissolve dirt and grime while still maintaining the integrity of your skin’s barrier.

Our Wildcraft Oil Cleanser is formulated with silky Jojoba oil, and marshmallow root infused sunflower oil to help soothe and reduce irritation while providing a deep down clean that will still ensure your skin feels hydrated when it comes off. 

Oatmeal featured in our Regenerating and Stimulating Exfoliator

Exfoliation is essential for helping to slough off old skin cells that may build up on the skin leaving it dry, flaky and dull, but not all exfoliators are created the same. 

You want an effective product that is natural and will never strip your skin, and that’s where this beautiful exfoliator comes in!

Oatmeal and lavender help to smooth, soften, nourish and calm the skin, while green tea brings an energizing, stimulating boost to this lovely blend. 

Rosehip Oil featured in our Rose Nourishing Serum 

Rosehip oil is an absolute must for dry, thirsty skin!

It is bursting in antioxidant vitamins, including A, C and E, all of which work wonderfully together to provide some incredible skin benefits. 

Vitamin A helps to strengthen and improve your skin’s barrier, preventing water loss through the pores, while Vitamin C helps to boost collagen production for smoother, more supple, firm and plump skin. We also love Vitamin C for helping to reduce inflammation in the skin while helping to promote a luminous, vibrant glow. 

Vitamin E helps to neutralize free radicals while aiding in tissue repair. 

Our Rose Nourishing Serum includes this beautiful, nourishing oil along with more superstar ingredients to provide a deep dose of nutrient-rich moisture for happy, healthy skin! (We know Apoterra has become a cult fave for our True Beauties - but key takeaway here is to look for rosehip oil!)

Don’t let dry skin ruin your days, follow our sage advice and soon you’ll feel confident in your new luminous, hydrated skin!

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