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Get to know the Beauty behind the Truth Beauty Journal

I am so happy to introduce to you the lovely lady behind the informative Truth Beauty journal posts! A beautiful woman from the inside out, who is highly educated and passionate about what she does!

Content sharing is absolutely key for our community....

I started my journey for clean living when I was only 21...and now at 40 with a community as large as what I have, I struggle making myself available in all formats ... so I scoured and searched for the right pieces! 

Along came Tamryn. Her and I have collaborated for years.... but I wanted you to get to know her.... so here she is:

Introducing Tamryn! 

Hello everyone, 

My name is Tamryn, and I am a writer, here at The Truth Beauty Company!

I am from beautiful, sunny South Africa; Cape Town, to be exact, and when I was 19 years old I moved with my family to Canada.

A year after arriving I qualified as an esthetician, and spent years in different salons, helping women to feel beautiful!

I have always loved writing, and a few years ago, I sat down and wondered how I could combine my love of skincare with my love of writing, and so I started Freelancing for beautiful, clean skincare companies like The Truth Beauty Company!

I met the lovely Jennifer after finding her page on Instagram, and the rest is history! She gave me a chance to write for her and here we still are a few years later!

While I was freelance writing, I also completed a nutrition course (my other love) and learned so much about the impact your food has on your mental well-being. 

I, myself, was suffering terribly from severe anxiety during this time, so put into practice what I had learned and it ultimately changed my life!

I now share all about my experience with an anxiety disorder, as well as what I did to start healing over on Instagram @honestlyholistic.

I also have a website, where I spend time writing for my own blog too! You can find me at

I am all about healthy skin from the inside out. What you eat matters, and what you use externally matters too, everything is connected. 

Beautiful skin is a result of filling your body with the right nutrients, that will not only keep your insides healthy, this health will reflect in the state of your skin! Glowing skin really does come from within!

Of course, your skincare products play a major role too, so that is why I fully stand behind a company that promotes products that are filled with clean, nutrient-rich ingredients and are free from synthetics. 

I hope you enjoy my posts, and we are always open to topic ideas! 

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, this was fun!

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