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These Are The Winter Skincare Routine Natural Products You Must Have for Moisturized Skin

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The chilly season is actually the perfect excuse to start to figure out your skin care game, a crucial component of your self-love ritual.

After a long summer, where you may have been more active, embracing your natural masculine energy, winter is a time to wind down, to nurture yourself and really take advantage of that feminine energy; both masculine and feminine energies are present in all of us, regardless of gender!

A soothing skin care routine is a major part of taking care of yourself and showing yourself some love, and the chilly temperatures mean now, more than ever, your skin needs a deep dose of TLC.

There’s less humidity in the air, which quickly saps the moisture (and joy) right out of your skin, so it’s important to follow a diligent daily ritual to put the spark back in your skin, and the confidence back in your step!

Keep reading for our ultimate winter skincare ritual

Your moisturizing skincare routine to tackle dry and dehydrated skin

It’s all about that moisture baby!

Your skin is thirsty and in desperate need of hydration so why not indulge it?

It’s important to remember that there is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin though, both of which may afflict you in the chillier months. 

Dehydrated skin lacks water, whereas dry skin simply lacks oil. It’s usually a lot easier to replace lost oil than it is to replace lost moisture. Usually a quick application of a facial oil will nip dry skin in the bud, whereas dehydrated skin is more complex.

A lack of deep moisture means that your skin barrier may have been impaired, and this can result in congested pores (yes really!) along with a tight, dry, dull skin. Dry skin is usually clear skin with dry, patchy flakes; dehydrated skin is very irritated, red, congested and dry skin. 

We recommend applying both oil and water to your skin to ensure both dry and dehydrated skin is taken care of and to prevent future issues. 

You want to start with a gentle, plant-based cleanser that won’t strip your skin of natural oils. Rinse with lukewarm (not hot!) water, as hot water strips the skin of natural oils. 


Apply some toner on your face, and while your skin is still damp, apply a luxurious facial oil, with ingredients designed to nourish, balance, nurture and restore. 

Once absorbed top with a hydrating moisturizer to lock in the oil and to infuse your pores with a moisture surge! Your skin barrier will thank you!

Don’t skip the SPF

If you are following this routine in the morning then don’t you dare forget to slather on a generous layer of mineral SPF right on top before stepping foot outside!

Even though those UV rays may not feel as intense they are still doing damage, we promise you!

Follow this skincare routine diligently and you will enjoy happy, comfortable, hydrated skin all season long! 

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