Getting to Know Green Bloom - A Truth Beauty Community Friend

Green Bloom Design is a unique florist company that preserves and up-cycles flowers into everlasting floral art. Green Bloom Design uses fresh and dried florals to create a seasonally-inspired, romantic bohemian vibe. From sustainable floral design for events and weddings, to entire event design services and rentals, to careful preservation of your event flowers, your aesthetics are curated and executed by the lovely Vanja Banks.

Vanja is the owner and florist of Green Bloom Design. She explains how she has a passion for sustainability and repurposing beautiful things to create one of a kind, seasonally inspired, and organic floral designs. She says “sustainability in floral design is definitely a continuous learning process”. Vanja continues and says “the industry has traditionally been quite wasteful, not to mention harmful for the environment and health. Many flowers are pumped full of chemicals so that they survive long transport distances, and floral foam (used to support mechanics in designs) contains known carcinogens and is made of various plastics which do not fully decompose in landfills”. 

Vanja tries to forage when she can and uses local fresh flowers whenever possible. “I dry my own flowers, repurpose them in multiple designs and absolutely never use floral foam for my construction” says Vanja. She states “there are always improvements to be made, and I am continuously learning on how to make things more sustainable”.

For this design, not all materials could be sourced locally, but the ones that could Vanja preserved and painted herself. Some of the materials were even used in her late summer shoot, which Vanja then repurposed into this installation. The installation was inspired by mid-summer skies with butterflies floating about (much like our current window display, also created by Vanja).

Overall, Vanja says “Nature is my greatest muse”. Vanja always turns to nature for her inspiration on creative projects and often finds herself inspired by the elements, particularly the earth, air, and water. “Perhaps I'm drawn to these because they give plants life,” says Vanja. Generally, Vanja’s aesthetic is bohemian and organic, and she loves pastels, and subdued tones - think all the romance and everything delicate and divine - that is the work of Green Bloom Designs. 

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