Essential Oil + Aromatherapy Benefits In Skincare

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Essential oils are everywhere. From our home diffusers to topical lotions and cleaning supplies, these versatile plant extracts are used widely on the market today. With powerful therapeutic qualities, each essential oil boasts unique benefits and properties. But what about their use in skincare?

Read on to discover the perks of adding essential oils to your skincare routine and how they can address your individual skin concerns.


What Is Aromatherapy?

Practiced for centuries, aromatherapy is the art of using plant extracts (including their leaves, stems, seeds, flowers, and roots) to promote one’s physical and mental wellness. These potent oils emit an aroma that the user inhales. They are often used for relaxation, stress relief, sleep, and physical conditions including headaches. When used in skincare, they offer a sensorial experience and can provide therapeutic benefits for the skin.


Essential Oils For Your Skin Concerns

Dryness & Skin Stress


Luxurious rose is packed with antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental aggressors. It has also been known to prevent trans-epidermal water loss, keeping your skin hydrated and
bouncy. Rose is typically offered in rose hydrosol or rose water in skincare products.

Found in: Cocoon Apothecary Rose Dew Toner

Enlarged Pores & Oiliness


A natural astringent, rosemary helps to shrink pores and tighten the skin. Rosemary has also been known to help balance the natural oil production of your skin, preventing it from over-producing oil and promoting balance.

Found in: John Masters Exfoliating Face Cleanser

Dullness & Dark Spots


Whether you experience dark spots, post-inflammatory pigmentation, or general skin dullness, geranium is a great essential oil to add to your skin routine. Geranium naturally speeds up the cellular renewal process in your skin, removing dead skin cells and revealing the smooth, new skin underneath.

Found in: Wildcraft Geranium & Orange Blossom Toner

Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Known to stimulate circulation and blood flow, frankincense oil has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years. This oil helps to support cell regeneration – increasing skin turnover and promoting an even, radiant complexion.

Found in: Ember 03 Hydrosol Frankincense

Acne & Blemishes

Tea Tree

The holy grail for acne-prone skin, tea tree oil helps to kill the bacteria on the skin that causes acne and congestion. It’s also known as an anti-inflammatory oil and can help calm the appearance of redness and irritation on the skin.

Found in: Apoterra Sea Berry Balancing Facial Oil

Aromatherapy Skincare: The Ritual

Aromatherapy goes far beyond topical benefits in skincare. Incorporating essential oils can enhance your well-being and provide a relaxing element to your self-care routine. During your skincare ritual, take a moment to experience the scent of each product. Breathe in through your nose for five seconds and then exhale through your mouth. Appreciate the texture of the product and stay in the present moment to enjoy each step of your ritual.

Have you explored essential oils in your skincare routine? What did you discover? Let us know in the comments below and connect with us on Instagram @thetruthbeautycompany.

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