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Fave Cleansing Foods

Spring… finally! A wonderful time for renewal! Why not take a look at what you are often putting on your plate and renew your idea of a cleanse!

When we hear of doing a ‘cleanse’ these days, we often think of juice fasting; green juice morning, noon and night! However, if you give your liver, a detoxifying organ, specific nutrients like anti-oxidants (which your face loves too!), and not making it process heavy, inflammatory, or stressful foods it can take time to rest (we all know rest is good). Give your liver the mini spring break it deserves!

Most fresh fruits and vegetables have natural cleansing properties but I am going to share with you my all-stars!

1.       Broccoli! This heady little gem is part of the ultra purifying family of cruciferous vegetables, which includes kale, cabbage and Brussels sprouts! Broccoli helps regulate toxin removal and delivers the compound sulforaphane, which can produce detoxifying enzymes! Plus, she’s loaded with anti—oxidants! 

2.       Avocados! This has to be one of my fave Beauty foods of all time! And it also happens to be quite cleansing! True that they are high in fat, but mostly the monounsaturated kind which has actually been shown to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and promote good cholesterol (HDL). It is also host to omega-3s, phytosterols and lots of fibre! Woot! Regularity!

3.       Almonds! Another beauty food that also does double duty!  They contain vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that fights inflammation! Also a great fibre-protein combo – so a great snack choice during a cleanse!

4.       Blueberries! Where would a cleansing list be without blueberries! Totally a super-fruit packed with anthocyanins! Boost your brain and heart health!

5.       Beets! How I love thee beets! The skin and flesh of this fibrous root vegetable are loaded with betalains, potent anti-oxidants that don’t just tout anti-aging benefits (seriously, I just spilled one of my most guarded beauty secrets), they also reduce inflammation and purge harmful toxins from the body!

Take this time to also examine your relationship with the foods you normally consume. Are they beneficial to you or doing your body disservice? If it’s the latter, perhaps this season of change will encourage you to move some of those bad boys off your plate for good! 

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