Organic and Eco-Friendly Period Care!

Are you tired of walking in the period care aisle of any pharmacy, and seeing limited options, with hyper-feminine packaging and the same promises and antiquated brand voices that your grandmother likely heard as well!

This is why Truth Beauty Company now carries Joni pads. These pads are high quality with affordable prices. Super soft, extremely absorbent, comfortable and also environmentally friendly. We know our #TrueBeauty’s are going to love the way they feel and work.

Joni pads are truly unique as they are a Canadian company designed with an epic blend of organic bamboo, which uses 10X less water to be produced. These pads are also 100% biodegradable and use plastic-free wraps, which translates to a smaller environmental footprint each month. In addition, joni pads are created with plant-based protective layers to provide natural moisture barriers, perfect for sensitive skin.

Joni pads have an amazing selection of day and night pads. The Organic Bamboo Day Pads allow you to go through your day in comfort with extra thin, winged, ultra-comfortable, stay-put protection, so you know that you're doing your body, your community, and the planet a solid.

The Organic Bamboo Night Pads are super flexible and thin for ultra-comfortable, stay-put protection while you sleep. Best suited for those heavy flow days and nights. 29.5 CM in length for maximum protection.

But wait! What if I want both? Don’t worry we got you Beauty’s! The Organic Bamboo Day/ Night Pads with 10 day pads and 5 night pads. It’s the best of both worlds. Medium and heavy flow protection in one box.

Once your period comes to an end, sometimes you can get a little surprise that will ruin your cute panties! Let’s save our sexy panties with the Joni Organic Bamboo Liners Pads - these are ultra-thin and comfortable liners which will make you forget you’re wearing them. Super soft but with all the absorbency needed for light coverage. 

Beauty's! You will never take it for granted when you choose Joni. Organic & Biodegradable Pads for Everybody!

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