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4 PMS Support Tips for Cramps, Skin Flare Ups, and Hormone Imbalance

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PMS is no fun and while most of us suffer from mood swings, bloating and skin flare-ups, others struggle with PMDD, which is a severe form of PMS and can cause quite severe depression.

If you think you may have PMDD then we recommend checking in with your doc or therapist so you can find ways to manage these severe symptoms, our hearts go out to you!

In this article we want to share some natural PMS remedies, which can help everyone, but don’t look at it as a cure if your PMS is severe.

So no matter where you currently are in your cycle, why not take the evening off, put the kettle on and snuggle up with our latest read!

Here’s our top natural PMS remedies to target all those pesky symptoms.

Reduce inflammation to relieve cramps

And the dairy and all the processed food!

These foods cause internal inflammation, which not only makes you feel terrible, they can also intensify period cramps, which nobody has time for!

Healthy fats are what your body needs to reduce inflammation so why not whip up a delicious turmeric latte or opt for on with a bit of cocoa involved, perfect for this chilly time of year! You’ll feel cozy and comforted, two of our favourite words!

Control skin flare ups with a charcoal mask

During that time of the month, your hormones go on a rollercoaster and these ups and downs can play havoc with your skin.

Notice how those breakouts love to pop up the day you start or even before?

A charcoal mask is a great way to detoxify your skin and keep things under control so you can feel confident all period long!

We love this Acure Incredibly Clear Charcoal Mask because it smells so refreshing and leaves out skin feeling detoxified and fantastic.

Exercise to balance hormones and lift your spirits

Unless you have a super light flow, this is one tip you may want to stick to leading up to your period to enjoy a better cycle. 

Exercise is an excellent way to balance your hormones and release those feel-good endorphins to instantly give you a boost!

If a sweaty workout is just not in the cards for you mid-cycle, then try this soothing yoga flow instead. 

Be gentle with yourself

Last, but not least, please be kind to yourself!

In case this slips your mind due to all those hormones flying around, we are here to remind you that you are strong and beautiful and that this is just temporary. In just a few days you’ll be back on your game!

For now though, be gentle with yourself, journal to release pent up emotions, listen to your favourite tunes and why not soak in a tub full of healthy bubbles?

Just don’t forget to light some candles and pour your favourite drink!

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