3 Reasons For Dry Lips and What You Can Do

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Dry lips are a drag because not only can dry lips be sore and uncomfortable due to cracks that may appear, dry, flaky lips can also leave you feeling self-conscious and don’t even mention lipstick! 

Your lips deserve to feel soft and nourished, and you should never have to avoid lipstick because they are too dry!

In this article we will talk about a few of the major contributing factors to pesky lip woes, as well as share a few simple tips and products to nip any issues in the bud so you can rock a plump, hydrated and sexy pout!

There are loads of factors that may contribute to dry lips, but here are just 3 of the major players along with simple and natural solutions. 

Seasonal changes

Yup, blame it on the weather! Harsh UV rays can seriously sap the moisture from your lips, while dry, harsh air when the temps dip can also draw moisture out and leave your pucker in need of a drink. 

Keeping your lips protected is key, no matter the season and you may consider investing in a humidifier during the cooler months to help put moisture back into the air (and your lips!). 

Shea butter provides a delicious layer of creamy decadent protection and it has SPF properties making it your go-to from Summer right into Winter! 

If you prefer a nourishing balm with a more glossy finish try the best selling minty Lip Treat or vanilla Lip Karma.

Or.. if you want a tint of colour opt for the ultra nourishing Lip Shine which are sure to keep your lips feeling and looking their best.

Not drinking enough water

What goes on internally in your body will manifest externally, so if you’re not keeping your insides properly hydrated then you’re going to see things like dry lips and dry areas on any other parts of your body too. 

Naturally, it makes sense to drink more water, but we know that water can get a little boring and it’s hard to drink enough when it’s cold outside and you’re only craving comforting pumpkin lattes and delicious hot chocolate!

Sugar actually saps water out of the cells so try and cut back by indulging in paleo versions of your favorite drinks, like this incredible Pumpkin Spice latte!

Try adding lemon slices, cucumber and berries to plain, filtered water to spruce it up and remember that herbal teas count towards your daily water intake too!

Using incorrect products and not exfoliating

Just like the rest of your skin, your lips need to be exfoliated too!

This chocolate scrub is super simple to whip up and will help to get rid of those pesky flakes once and for all!

Once your lips are exfoliated and silky smooth, it’s time to treat them to a non-toxic balm, formulated with hydrating and soothing ingredients for long-term results, unlike many popular conventional balms that actually only make the issue worse.

Shop non-toxic balms and treatments here. 


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