Sugaring vs Waxing: What's the Deal?

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Did you know that we offer services in our Waterloo location? It’s true! With an in-house facialist and sugarist, we are often met with this common question - how is sugaring different from waxing?

With so many different ways to remove unwanted body hair, we understand that it’s hard to keep up. 

Sugaring has often been described as similar to waxing because both techniques lift the hair from the root of the follicle. Removing the hair this way leaves your skin silky smooth much longer than with shaving.

While both of these methods are often grouped together, they are in fact quite different.

Waxing is typically done using a strip to remove your hair in the opposite direction of your hair growth. The opposite happens with sugaring, where the hair is pulled in the natural direction of your hair growth. Wax is also much hotter than sugaring as sugar is typically used at room temperature. 

But what is Sugaring, really?

Sugar is a natural, organic way of removing unwanted body hair. Sugar is melted down with water and lemon to create a natural and gentle paste. Sugaring actually dates back to civilizations of ancient Egypt and other countries. 

Sugaring tends to hurt less than waxing because sugaring doesn’t pull on the skin as much. This means you’ll likely have a lot less redness and skin irritation from sugaring - all while getting hairless results.

Without any added chemicals, scents, or other potential allergens, sugar remains a safe and gentle option for those looking to remove unwanted body hair. Being room temperature and not able to adhere to your live skin cells, you’ll avoid any potential wax burns, scabs, and other irritations.  

Interested in giving it a try? Book your first sugaring appointment here.


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