Summer Beauty Swaps with Seanna Cohen

Any new season comes with its share of changes from wardrobe to personal care habits, but do you really need to switch up your entire beauty routine every season?

I like to think of myself as a pragmatic Skin Therapist. I’ll never tell you to swap everything you’re using for a seasonal replacement, but there are a few things that are worth making the switch. Your core skincare routine can stay the same year round (we don’t want to mess with something that works!) but rather use the seasons as an opportunity to try new things and lighten things up for the summer.



Swap foundation for a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen

Most people find they don’t need, or want as much coverage during the warmer months. The summer is the perfect time to try out a BB cream or tinted sunscreen for a hint of colour to even skin tone, but let natural skin be the star. Many mineral sunscreens are tinted to offset any white-cast that may result from the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, but also double as light coverage.

A BB cream stands for ‘Beauty Balm’ or ‘Blemish Balm’  to moisturize, protect and correct any discolouration. Essentially all tinted moisturizers do this, whether they’re titled ‘BB cream” or not. Depending on the temperature outside, a tinted BB cream may be all you need, or they can easily be layered with your usual serum for extra hydration and protection. 

Seanna's tinted moisture picks:

Graydon Face Glow,  Lily Lilo Natural BB Cream, & Cyberderm Simply Zinc Tinted SPF 50



Swap retinol for bio-retinol

If you’re in the sun a lot during the summer, it’s not recommended to frequently use retinol, because it can cause more sensitivity in the sun. Replacing your retinol with a bio-retinol is a great way to get similar benefits, without the sun sensitivity. Bio-retinol products are not vitamin A derived but the term is used as a way to categorize a group of botanicals that act similarly on the skin, to help stimulate collagen and elastin, but without the contraindications. 

Seanna's bio-retinol faves:

Graydon Supermoon Serum & Wildcraft Revive Bio-Retinol Face Serum

Swap mascara for smudge-less, water resistant mascara

Humidity, sweat, and excess oil are common culprits for causing mascara to smudge. People often reach for water-proof mascara to prevent this, but they can be harsh on the lashes. Water-proof mascaras are difficult to remove, resulting in more tugging and lash breakage. Look for a water-resistant mascara that is long-wearing, preventing smudging as much as possible but also contains hair nourishing ingredients that support healthy, strong lashes

Tried and true water resistant mascaras:

TOK to Eyes Mascara & RMS Straight Up Volumizing Peptide mascara



Swap powder blush and lipstick for multi-cheek and lip products. 

Summer-time is all about dewy, minimalist, makeup that’s not going to melt off in the heat! Powders don’t do well when skin is hot and sweaty and lead to creasing. Multi-use cream products that moisturize the lips and not drying for the cheek are so fun and versatile to use, easy to pack for travels and adapt for day or night. 

Multi use creams for the perfect flush:

RMS Lip 2 Cheek & Minori Cream Blush

Swap a single cleanse for a double cleanse. 

Breakouts and excess oil are common complaints and when you add additional sunscreen into the mix, skin is not happy! I’ve heard many clients say that sunscreen causes them to break out, but oftentimes it could be the way they are removing it. Mineral-based sunscreen is notoriously thick and hard to remove. After using a cream or oil cleanser to emulsify makeup and sunscreen, use a gentle foam or gel cleaner to ensure all product, oil and grime is removed fully and properly. 

Seanna's second cleanse picks:

Consonant Natural Foaming Face WashGraydon Face Foam, & Indie Lee Purifying Cleanser 

Summer is an ideal time to try new products and looks, while sticking with the core products you love. Try these few changes to update your beauty routine and help prevent unwanted skin woes with the changing climate!


Happy Swapping Beauties,


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