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If you’re ever told that a specific skincare product is a “must-have’ for everyone, walk away. There’s no such thing as a one-size fits all skincare product, because everyone’s skin, lifestyle, and budget is unique. That said, over the last ten years working one-on-one with clients as a Skin Therapist, there are a handful of products that I keep repeatedly recommending. I’m going to spill the tea on these products and share the qualities that have secured their place in this category. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

CyberDerm Simply Zinc Ultra SPF 50

Mineral sunscreens are notoriously finicky. They can be thick, overly white, greasy, or goopy, which is a shame since it’s my preferred type of sunscreen. Mineral-based sunscreens contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide rather than chemicals like oxybenzone, homosalate, and avobenzone which have been questioned for their safety. Despite safety concerns, UV radiation is quantifiably more harmful than these ingredients and so wearing any sunscreen, rather than none, is best. Fortunately, mineral sunscreen has come a long way over the years and formulas like Cyberderm Simply Zinc make it easy to use.

I’ve repeatedly recommended it over the years for a few reasons. The inclusion of 25% zinc oxide ensures that this sunscreen offers full UVA coverage in addition to UVB coverage. Secondly, the texture is fluid and easy to apply. The tint offers a slight blurring effect, but is essentially transparent. It’s also suitable for most skin types and conditions. My only caution would be if someone has very dry skin, the high concentration of zinc may cause further dryness, and if someone is very oily, the dry-touch oil texture may feel heavy on the skin. 

Consonant Vitamin B3 + Zinc Serum

Niacinamide has been in the spotlight for a while now, and for good reason.  It’s extremely versatile and has many benefits for acne prone, oily, or sensitive skin. Niacinamide can help regulate oil production, calm redness, even skin tone, and promote a healthy skin barrier. I love that the Consonant Vitamin B3 + Zinc Serum combines the benefits of niacinamide with zinc for additional calming and soothing properties.

I’ve regularly recommended this serum to my clients who have both breakouts and rosacea, unbalanced oil, sensitive skin and can’t tolerate other antioxidant serums like vitamin C. I also love it because it has a very simple ingredient list, focused on the actives and is well tolerated by many. My only caution is if you use it and notice small white bumps appear, you may be in the small minority who cannot tolerate propanediol (a solvent and hydrating ingredient found in many serums). 


Graydon Skin Stuff Face + Eye Cream

A growing number of my clients have come to me with skin sensitivities. This seems to be a widespread issue triggered by the popularity of exfoliating products and active ingredients. In the clean beauty industry, high concentrations of essential oils can also be at fault for reactions.

I’m constantly recommending the Graydon Skin Stuff because its fluid, unscented formula is versatile and suits so many skin types. I love that it contains ceramides, which are an essential part of the barrier and the more this cream is used, the more resilient the skin becomes. 

Three Ships Dew Drops Hyaluronic + Vitamin C Serum

One of the most common concerns I see with my clients is skin that’s inadequately hydrated. This happens for a number of reasons, whether it's too much cleansing, seasonal changes, or inadequate moisturizing. I love the Three Ships Dew Drops because it’s a quick and efficient way to boost skin hydration. I also like the texture. Many hydration serums feel like water on the skin, but Dew Drops Serum has a jelly texture which I find many people enjoy, especially if they are new to serums. It also has a boost of vitamin C. The concentration of vitamin C isn’t high enough to offer all of the benefits it’s usually touted for, but will provide good protection against oxidative stress. Dew Drops Serum makes a great beginner serum. It’s a good price point that offers quick results. 

Etymologie Bio-Retinol Bakuchiol Concentrate

Hormonal breakouts are another common concern from my clients. Deep, painful cystic breakouts along the chin or jawline are some of the more common symptoms. These types of breakouts need to be treated like an inflammatory condition, rather than something to be ‘dried out’ or extracted. Black Cumin Seed oil is one of my go-to ingredients to help with inflammatory breakouts. It calms redness and is anti-bacterial while keeping skin healthy and moisturized. 

I love that Eytmologie’s Bio-Retinol Bakuchiol Concentrate is made from a base of black cumin seed oil and combined with salicylic acid, which is ideal to help clear congestion and prevent breakouts from forming. As an oil soluble exfoliant, salicylic acid works really well in an oil serum and targets pores where clogging originates. Many of my clients who deal with hormonal breakouts are also at an age where they want to help prevent fine lines. The serum also contains Bakuchiol, which is a botanical that acts like retinol but doesn’t have the same side effects like sensitization and redness. 

There you have it, five products I often recommend to my clients.  If you have any questions about your own routine and how to choose products that will work for you, let’s chat! Book a skincare consultation and get targeted recommendations and routine based on your concerns, budget and lifestyle. 


- Seanna Cohen, Skin Therapist in Residence

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