What Are The Benefits Of Using Oil-Based Cleansers?

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Still on the fence about trying out an oil cleanser? Oh boy, we’re over the moon you came across this article!

If you’re currently not using a cleanser or lathering up with a conventional one we promise we won’t judge, but you bet we’re going to gently steer you in the right direction because your skin deserves better!

Keep reading for just a few reasons an oil cleanser will completely transform your skin care routine!

Gets rid of deep down dirt

You may think that chemically-laden big name brand cleanser you’re using is doing its job, that is until you wipe your skin with a cotton pad after and still notice traces of dirt, grime or makeup on the pad.

Oil dissolves oil and this is why oil-based cleansers are so excellent at dissolving excess oils in your own skin. They sink deep into the pores to melt dirt and grime while infusing your pores with powerful antioxidants naturally present in plant-based oils.

A few of our favorite oils include coconut, grapeseed and avocado.

This means you’ll enjoy an effective, deep down cleanse, but in the most gentle manner possible!

Won’t strip the skin and cause breakouts

Ever experienced that super tight feeling after using a synthetic, foaming cleanser?

Sure, your skin may feel squeaky clean, but also uncomfortably tight and dry. This is an indication of skin stripping; when excess oils along with your skin’s natural oils are stripped from the skin due to harsh, drying ingredients and sulfates, found in synthetic brands.

This then results in extreme dryness and puts your skin at risk for aging, but it also increases the risk of breakouts as your skin tries to over-compensate for the extreme lack of oil.

Oil-based cleansers will never strip your skin and will keep it perfectly balanced with the perfect dose of moisture.

Won’t irritate the skin

Irritated skin is to be expected from constantly stripping your skin, but it’s especially bad if you already have very sensitive skin. Check out Corpa Flora's Beauté Divine Facial Cleanser for Dry, Sensitive Skin, if you are extremely sensitive! Their gentle blend is tough on makeup and grime, but gentle on skin. 

Oil cleansers won’t irritate your vulnerable skin, in fact, plant oils, soothing ingredients and antioxidants will actually help to heal the skin as it cleans.

Leaves the skin soft and glowing

Last, but not least, regular use of an oil-based cleanser will leave your skin beautiful, silky soft and glowing!

Try out our luxurious oil cleanser by Sahajan or our lovely makeup removing cleansing oil by Consonant Skincare, guaranteed to remove every last trace of makeup from your skin.

You likely won't go back to another cleanser after you try oil cleansing! 

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