Underarm Health: Why Should You Switch To Aluminum Free Deodorant?

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Chances are you haven’t given much thought to your deodorant because you’re a busy woman (or man) and as long as it does the job that’s all that matters, right?

Actually, this is where you may be very wrong.

If you’re using a conventional brand deodorant and take a peek at the ingredient list, you’ll likely see aluminum on the label. While conventional brand deodorants usually contain a slew of other “nasties” as well, aluminum is the one you’re going to want to keep your eye on.

Keep reading to find out the dangers of using a deodorant with aluminum, as well as a few of our favorite all natural alternatives!

What’s so bad about aluminum?

Aluminum is a heavy metal that accumulates in the body and may increase your risk of cancer. While there’s been no conclusive evidence of aluminum causing cancer, studies have shown aluminum found in the breast tissue of breast cancer tumors. This is enough to scare us off for good!

Why is aluminum in my deodorant?

Great question!

The reason this heavy metal is found in most conventional antiperspirants is because of its ability to completely block the sweat glands, preventing sweat from coming through. While this sounds wonderful, it’s actually quite harmful for your body.

Sweating it the body’s natural way of releasing toxins, but when this process is hindered, then toxins will simply stay in the body, along with trapped traces of this nasty heavy metal that can put your health at risk with regular use.

I don’t want to sweat, what do I do?

There are so many natural alternatives out there, all of which will actually help you to sweat less and will improve the odor of your sweat over time.

It’s important to remember that when making the switch to an all natural, toxin-free deodorant, your body will go through a detox period. During this time you may sweat more, but it’s simply your body’s way of releasing stored toxins that may have negatively impacted your health. Stick with it and you’ll be blown away by the results.

For a stick deodorant that you may be used to give our Humble Deodorant a whirl, formulated with just a few, simple ingredients, all of which you can pronounce and available in 4 gorgeous scents, along with an unscented option for sensitive skin and noses.

If a wet deodorant is more your thing then you can’t go wrong with our wonderful soothing Lavender Deodorant from Rocky Mountain Soap Company!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for you to try our natural range of deodorants! No deodorant is worth your health so make the switch today!

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  • Roslia Santamaria on

    Thank you for sharing article!

    xoxo Roslia https://www.vishalconstructioncompany.com/residential

  • Truth Beauty on

    Hi Io Lightning,

    Great question!

    There area couple differences between Potassium Alum (the ingredient you mention) and the commonly used Aluminium Chloride and Aluminium Chlorohydrate.

    Firstly, the last two that I mentioned react with peptides and amino acids in the skin to create a gel like barrier, which blocks sweat ducts and glands. This is what makes deodorants with these ingredients an “antiperspirant”. They also have a much smaller molecular mass (between 250-350 Daltons), meaning they can easily enter the skin and get into the bloodstream.

    On the other hand, Potassium Alum has a much bigger molecular weight, at about 450 Daltons, which is too large to be absorbed through the skin. Instead of reacting with the skin and creating a gel like barrier, this type of salt actually remains on the surface of the skin and prevents the bacteria which causes sweaty odors from multiplying, as it is naturally anti-microbial.

    The main difference between a deodorant with Potassium Alum, and a deodorant with Aluminium Chloride and Aluminium Chlorohydrate is that Potassium Alum does not black the sweat glands, and is therefore not considered an antiperspirant. Rather, it is truly a deodorant, which will help prevent odor instead of keeping the armpits dry.

    I hope that answers your questions! Please feel free to email us at contact@thetruthbeautycompany.com should you have any further questions.

  • io lightning on

    The Lavender Deodorant you mention literally has aluminum in it: one of the ingredient is potassium aluminium sulfate — listed as “Potassium Alum” on your site. How is this any different from other deodorants with aluminum in them?

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