Reusable Silicone Eye Mask by Consonant
Reusable Silicone Eye Mask by Consonant

Reusable Silicone Eye Mask

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These medical-grade silicone masks were designed to be paired with your favourite serum or eye cream to hold the product close to the skin and prevent evaporation, turning it into an eye mask!


These masks can be used with any eye-friendly skin care product, making it customizable to your skin's needs each day.

Made from long-lasting silicone just wash clean after you're done and it's ready for your next masking session.

Comes with 2 individual eye masks and a complementary mini jelly bag for safe storage.

Apply your favourite serum, eye cream or other eye-friendly product.

We like Firming Eye Cream. Don't apply too much as it will cause the eye mask to slide.

Place eye mask over product and sit back and relax. Can also be used around the mouth over marionette lines. Use this video as a guide. There may be a protective film over the eye mask that needs to be removed before 1st use.

Application time will vary depending on the product pairing. Once done, remove eye mask and wash mask with a gentle cleanser like Natural Foaming Face Wash.

Let air dry and store in mini jelly bag.

100% medical grade silicone.