Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0 by Tease Tea
Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0 by Tease Tea
Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0 by Tease Tea
Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0 by Tease Tea
Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0 by Tease Tea

Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0

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Never drink lukewarm tea or coffee again.

Tease created the Smart Heated Mug Kit 2.0 for busy people who have high (temperature) standards and good taste while combining multi-functional, innovative design. When the heating coaster is not in use you can charge your wireless devices.


Each kit comes complete with:

✔️ Perfect sized mug with electromagnetic sensors (12oz).

✔️ Smart Heated mug warmer and coaster that works with the mug sensors to optimize temperature.

✔️Innovative coaster doubles a wireless charger for iPhone, android, air buds etc.

✔️Smart Heated Coaster features zero-gravity safety sensor (it will only heat the included mug).

✔️ Gift worthy packaging.

✔️ 2 in 1 lid and drip tray to keep even more warmth in and avoid tea stains.

✔️ 3 year 'Love it, or We'll Fix it' Warranty

USB block designed for standard 110 volt outlet.

Safety enhanced polarized wall plug included.

UL tested & FDA compliant.

Mug & Lid are dishwasher safe.

Designed in Canada, Ethically manufactured in China.

Note: The Tease Smart Heated Mug Kit maintains beverage temperature for up to 6 hours. It does not heat up or boil beverages.

Each mug and lid is hand glazed, and may have variations or 'blemishes' that are common characteristics in hand crafted ceramics.


Do not microwave mug.

If the empty mug has been heated, unplug the power adapter and wait 5 minutes to let it cool down before touching to avoid damage.

Only use provided power adapter and USB cord for the tease coaster.

Do not place foreign metals on the tease coaster.

The surface of the tease coaster will get hot while heating the mug; touch with caution.

Do not place cellphone screen-side down.


Mug: Avoid dishwasher, hand washing is recommended to prolong use of sensors.

Lid: Dishwasher safe.

Charging Coaster: Clean with damp cloth and mild cleaning solution. The unit itself is spill-resistant, but cannot be submerged in water; avoid exposing it to excessive amounts of water.

Blue Light: Ready to pair.

Red light: Paired and heating the mug or charging your device.

Red and Blue Flashing Lights: Not paired. Ensure mug or device is in the centre of your coaster, and follow troubleshooting steps below.

Ensure the coaster and bottom of mug are clean from debris by giving them a wipe.

Only use the included cable and adapter, and use a wall outlet for best results.

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