Does Your Makeup Look Cakey in the Winter Months?

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The dreaded cakey face … one of the biggest make-up faux-pas. And it isn’t always attributable to the wrong product being used - there are, in fact, a few reasons why this happens.

Cakey makeup described? When one’s complexion makeup appears too thick, visibly dry and is an obvious layer of coloured product sitting on top of the skin

It could be the wrong products being used, and it could be how they are being applied. But it could also be diet, too much exercise, and the most obvious culprit - the weather. 

During the coldest months of the year, indoor heating takes a toll on our skin and our hair, as does the dry, crisp outdoor air. Dry air is not the friend of skin. And unfortunately, dry skin doesn’t function optimally because it’s natural barrier is compromised. And a compromised skin barrier is not the friend of makeup. Sigh.

We need heat though! So what to do? 

Do you drink enough water? Are you getting enough hydration through your food? I prefer to eat plant-based as fruits and vegetables naturally contain a lot of water! I also reap the reward for all the skin-loving vitamins and minerals that fruits and veggies contain. Sometimes I even up the ante by adding algaes to my morning smoothies. The New New Age’s Poseidon’s Potion contains spirulina, which is a wonderful source of chlorophyll, and helps your skin retain moisture. Don't ever doubt the power of your diet and how it contributes to your health! 

Let’s look to your home now! Are you using a humidifier? Putting one in your room will likely help battle dry skin. And try taking warm showers, instead of hot ones! Easy skin saving tips! Your hyrdo bill will also benefit! 

Your skin-care routine can also contribute to the overall hydration your skin feels. Less is definitely more in the winter. When your skin is over-cleansed, you’ve actually removed some of the valuable skin bacteria and natural oils that your skin needs to protect itself from the elements and cool winter air.

Instead, stick to high-quality moisturizers, layered with a facial oil to seal your skin’s barrier (oil under moisturizer is the order!). Personally, I religiously do this step every night. If I am doing this step in the am, prior to make-up application, I like to stick to light-weight, yet nourishing oils - like jojoba, squalane, rosehip and even argan. These oils all absorb beautifully into the skin with no greasy feeling afterward; this is because these oils have a great affinity to the lipids that exist naturally from our skin.   

Last step….the actual make-up! Mineral powders naturally are quite drying and absorbant, so it may be wise to switch to a liquid or a cream version of your favourite complexion product in the colder months. Clean Beauty really has led the way of this trend - and it’s a great one - make-up made of skin loving oils, plants and butters!  


Another great tip I have to share is to daub your make-up only where you need coverage. I also really love to use my fingers (over blender sponges and brushes) as I find it is easier to achieve the look of the product becoming your skin. 

 And if you still have dry patches remaining, a little balm on top of your foundation, like our beloved Egyptian Magic (which is actually a model’s secret weapon).







You can then finish the look with a mist or hydrosol for extra hydration. Kosas Plump + Juicy Spray on Collagen Serum mist has few places in my home and shops for a mist here and there through-out the day when my skin starts to ask for some moisture!  

Healthy skin is truly always the best look!

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