Nourishing Your Moon Sign: The Path to Your Authentic Self

Long ago, our ancestors lived by the moon’s phases. They sowed seeds and harvested their gardens by the lunar cycle, they hunted and gathered by her full light, and womxn menstruated by her (and still do).  As she ebbed and flowed, so did they, and as she retreated into darkness and then built towards her fullness, so did they. 

Today, as we become more collectively conscious, I’ve noticed there is something wild, ancestral, and mysterious about the moon that particularly calls to womxn.  I believe that, as more of us begin to pay attention to how the changing moon affects us, we begin to unearth new and lost parts of ourselves that bring us back to our authenticity.  It seems that Luna’s energy has been interwoven into the very core of our human experience in more ways than we’ve been aware of.  

In medical astrology, the moon is said to rule our limbic (emotional) system and biological rhythms.  Ironically, our brain, where our limbic system is found, is one of the regions in our bodies that contains the most water.  Like the ocean, the current lunar energy can therefore have profound effects on our emotional state.  

As an astrological force, the moon distributes cosmic energies throughout our birth charts (the positioning of the planets when we were born). Further, as she moves through the zodiac, Luna reflects the energies of the sun, stars, and planets in our every day and night. Thus, our ability to access, shape, and interact with energy is defined by how we relate to the moon – through our lunar selves (our natal moon). 

In astrology, our natal moon represents our authentic selves and what we need to feel emotionally secure.  While traditional horoscopes usually focus on the sun sign, which represents our consciousness and how we live out our life purpose, the sun is actually the [often imperfect] expression of our authenticity.  Therefore, unless we understand our lunar selves, we cannot authentically connect to our life purpose.

Many Eastern medicines (ex. Traditional Chinese Medicine) teach that emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being are interconnected, and that emotional and spiritual imbalances can give rise to physical disease.  For thousands of years, TCM practitioners have used energy healing, such as acupuncture, to remove blockages of Qi (energy) and restore balance in their clients. Based on quantum physics, we understand that everything in the Universe is made up of energy, and that this energy gives rise to matter that we interact with every day.  Therefore, if Universal energy can give rise to matter in our lives, and if we can balance our inherent energy by understanding how to nourish our lunar selves, could we not use energy to manifest a life true to our purpose? 

This is the basis of my beliefs and those behind Astrobloom by GBD.  As a nature worshipper and green witch, the holistic approach to well-being has always called to me.  Through exploring alternative ways of healing myself from chronic health imbalances and mental health struggles, I found my path to balance was rooted in my life-long passion for the earth and sky.  When I really dove deep into astrology and herbalism, everything finally made sense; the three signs traditionally associated with healing (Virgo - naturopathic, Scorpio – magick + shadow work, and Pisces – compassion + acceptance) were ironically the defining pillars of my birth chart (my sun, rising, and moon sign).  Understanding this about myself has empowered me to change my relationship to self and others, gain clarity about my life purpose, and rediscover my authentic self, which was pruned away by societal conditioning for most of my life.  I hope that the knowledge and products I continue to share with my clients through Astrobloom by GBD will help them do the same.

Astrobloom by GBD, launching late 2021, offers ritual recommendations, botanical art and wildcrafted ritual products specific to your lunar sign.  These creations are infused with cosmic energies and earthly gifts to adorn and enhance your daily ritual practice – wherever that takes place.  Astrobloom empowers the modern conscious witch to recognize and care for their lunar self to balance energy and tune into their inherent magick. By doing so, they will courageously live their authentic truth and connect to their life purpose authentically, manifesting the life they deserve.

Don’t know your moon sign?  Plug in the date, time and place of your birth on then come back and read the prescription on how to balance your emotional energy and tune into your authentic self below.


As a Lunar Aries, you live your emotional life out loud.  You take up space, and you want others to do the same.  You’re an action-oriented innovator and shaker with an active mind.  However, when hurt or unbalanced, you can struggle with feelings of anger, defensiveness, and impatience.  To nurture your moon, try to make time to release excess emotional energy (such as anger) by cooling off and practicing stillness.  Since Aries rules the head and muscles, try a scalp or deep tissue massage with cooling herbs, such as oats, passionflower, dandelion, and hawthorn, or slow down and meditate with a refreshing ice tea filled with the grounding you need. Passionflower is found in the tea by The New New Age - Dream Plants of the Wild Huntress // Sleep Tonic.


As a Lunar Taurus ruled by Venus, you love indulgence, luxury, comfort, and likely experience and express emotion on a physical plane.  You are abundantly patient, grounded, and very stubborn, but value long-term investments and therefore don’t usually have challenges sticking to a routine.  You often place your self-worth in hard work and dislike change.  However, learning to go with the flow of the ups and downs of life is key to a balanced Lunar Taurus.  To nurture your deeply sensual moon in times of change, feed, dress, and nourish your body in ways that make you feel beautiful and grounded.  Try cooking up a nutritious meal, slipping into your silk pj’s, and incorporate a nourishing face serum as part of your evening ritual. Look for herbs like rose, thyme, and sage and you can find a few of these in Apoterra's Night Clarifying Treatment.


A quick-witted conversationalist and storyteller, you have a great need for intellectual exchange and like to keep busy.   Fueled by fast-moving air energy, you can be restless, often jetting off on the next adventure before you feel too tied down by your previous journey.  As a lunar Gemini, you express your emotions verbally and physically through movement.  However, with an overactive mind, you often struggle to slow down and truly feel your emotions, often relying on a superficial analysis of them instead.  To nurture your moon, sip on a calming nervine tea, (such as lavender, elecampane, yarrow, skullcap, or meadowsweet) while you do activities that are mentally stimulating, such as painting, journaling about your emotions, or reading about something new (preferably through a book club so you can discuss the topic with friends). And if all the relaxing isn't something you can jive with to offset your jet-setting soul, let Wildcraft's Renew Eye Serum hide any signs of your go-go-go lifestyle! 


Ruled by the Moon, as a Lunar Cancer, you are an empath and experience the world through your emotions (which can be a bit of a rollercoaster).  Just like the crab, you usually take great comfort in the security and safety of your home, which you love to share with others.  Generous in nature, you feel best when nurturing the close circle of friends and family that you care deeply about.  Making time to check in with your own needs is crucial for nurturing your Cancer Moon, as your selfless behaviour can sometimes cause you to place too much of your self-worth in how you serve others. Since your home is where you retreat to recharge and balance the emotional waves of your life experience, create a nourishing space to balance this water energy by incorporating warming and grounding elements such as house plants and candles. Consider herbal allies like chamomile, agrimony, lemon balm, and purslane, and pets that will reciprocate love without draining your energy. Lemon Balm can be found in one of our beloved scrub products, which will help you slough off all that you absorb by being an empath: Indie Lee Coconut Citrus Scrub.


As a lunar Leo, you shine brightest and most authentically when you are in the spotlight.  You love being seen by others, and it’s important for you to take pride in how you look and feel confident about who you are.  Ruled by the Sun, you are expressive and full of creative energy, so you should nurture your moon by channeling your emotional energy into creative pursuits, such as drawing, dancing, and making time for spontaneity and play.  To ensure you feel confident and able to express yourself authentically, consider keeping your body nourished with cooling moisturizers containing herbs like hyssop and aloe to balance out your dry fire energy. Indie Lee's CoQ10 Toner is the perfect, aloe infused facial mist to balance out that fiery spirit.   


Born under a Virgo Moon, you are detail and solution-oriented and gifted at creating healing spaces that are efficient, well-maintained, and of service to others.  You likely feel most secure when you are organized and in control, so changes in plans can be difficult to manage.  Virgo also represents the naturopathic approach to healing and is one of the three signs associated with health.  Therefore, if your moon is in Virgo, you likely also feel best when you are taking care of your body by mindful movement and nutrition.  Aside from yoga and healthy food, consider a deep clean and de-cluttering of your living space, possibly with cleaners infused with the magick of lavender, peppermint or dill to balance your lunar Virgo energy. Olivier's Jasmine and Lavender Bar Soap is sure to leave your skin feeling healthy and your heart feeling healed. 


You are a seeker of beauty, harmony and romance, able to find them in all things. As a lunar Libra, you likely feel most comfortable when you surround yourself with beautiful things and harmonious, co-operative relationships.  With your moon in Libra, you probably dislike extremes, which can make you indecisive and prone to people-pleasing to avoid conflict.  As a result, it’s important to be aware of co-dependent patterns in relationships and ensure you are expressing your needs fully and honestly, showing yourself the love you show others.  To nurture your moon and balance your emotional energy, consider practicing self-love by treating yourself to some aesthetic art for your home or new lipstick (or whatever makes you feel beautiful).  If you’re in a committed partnership, consider partaking in a beautifying session with your partner – perhaps a home spa day or makeover.  To add some more magick to your self-care practice, consider incorporating products with Libra herbs such as violet, rose, jasmine, or damiana. Pai's Love & Haight Hydrating Moisturizer, with jasmine, and the time you take to facial massage, is a nightly self-love step we think you should incorporate!



You are the seeker of truth and in pursuit of understanding the occult and mysterious of the human experience.  As a lunar Scorpio, you experience emotions intensely and sensually - yet often in secret, as you may struggle to connect authentically with others. If you aren’t living passionately and are unable to express your sensual side through connecting with others on a deep and intimate level, you may become withdrawn and secretive to protect yourself from being hurt.  To balance your lunar Scorpio energy, consider channeling your passion into creating magickal spaces of transformative healing to assist others in articulating their truth.  For this, smudge your space with palo santo or rosemary and invite some of your closest friends over for a tarot or oracle session.  If you would prefer a solitary self-care practice, set the mood and release stagnant energy by having an orgasm (or a few). Any Dame pleasure toy will help you achieve that goal. 


As a lunar Sagittarius, you’re an adventurer and explorer of the world and mind, ruled by a fiery, dare-devilish nature.  You feel your best when you’re spending time in nature, having adventures with like-minded people, and learning new things about the world around you. To be emotionally balanced, you need to routinely satisfy your craving for freedom and adventure and be careful not to run away from situations that make you feel ‘tied down’.  The key to nurturing your Sagittarius moon is realizing that you are the creator of your reality – no person, place or thing can withhold adventure from you.  Channel your excess fire energy by exploring in nature – such as hiking or rock climbing with friends you can play with.  Alternatively, pick up a book to teach yourself something new while enjoying a soak to soothe your tired, adventuring muscles.  Products containing sage or pine will keep your senses connected to the great outdoors. We happen to think Kismet's Wild One Mist is made just for you to refresh and recharge! 


Born under a Capricorn moon, you find pleasure in productivity, meaningful work, and having stability and control.  It is important for you to maintain slow and steady forward momentum towards your career goals to feel emotionally secure.  As a result, you may struggle with workaholic tendencies that allow you to distance yourself from your emotions.  The best way to break up this strong, enduring energy is by allowing some time for rest, relaxation and fun, without sacrificing control over your productivity.  To nurture your moon, consider investing in a planner, and along with long term goal planning, scheduling time in for a massage to release built up earth energy which results in physical tension.  Wild oats and ginger are wonderful allies to nourish, moisten and spice up the very grounded energy of a lunar Capricorn.  Also, don’t forget to laugh and have fun! We sure think that Alicja's Candied Ginger Chocolate bar is a sure way to add some fun!


Born under an Aquarius moon, you’re an eccentric, an innovator, and a visionary humanitarian.  You’re a natural leader, but without focus, you may be prone to becoming a rebel without a cause.  You approach life through a revolutionary lens and aren’t afraid to try new things, such as studying the metaphysical.  In an attempt to rise above certain ‘petty’ human emotions, you may become emotionally distant in the process, which could impede your ability to connect with others on a personal level.  You likely feel best when you are doing things for society or pursuing some kind of cause for the ‘greater good’.  Even though you are innately social, you have a need for independence and freedom, and should surround yourself with friends who understand that.  To nurture your moon, consider supporting a cause for the greater good or practicing energy healing with crystals or a sound bath.  Build in herbal allies such as myrrh or lavender to help you cleanse and relax. And cleanse all you want with the luxurious Touchy Feely hand wash from Cocoon Apothecary.


As a lunar Pisces, you are a deeply emotional, empathetic, and intuitive dreamer and mystic. You may struggle with expressing your emotions and setting boundaries with others, often having difficulty understanding where your emotions begin and others’ end.  As a result of feeling everything so deeply, you may choose to detach from reality by escaping through alcohol or drugs.  To nurture your moon, it is important to set emotional boundaries with others and commit to solitary self-care practices to tune into your emotions and release any negative energy you may have picked up.  To do this, try water-based cleansing, such as a ritual bath with Neptunian (your ruler) plants and elements, such as seaweed and sea salt.  Bathorium makes the perfect soak for you - the Sea Kelp Serenity. And to tap into your rich imagination, creativity and intuition, consider artistic activities and divination arts, such as tarot or oracle cards. 

Guest Post Author - Vanja Banks for AstroBloom Designs.

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